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GroupMe is a group messaging app that lets users host and join chats one-on-one or in groups. It is free to download and use and is rated for users of all ages. The GroupMe app is best suited for mature teens with parental supervision.

About GroupMe
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What is GroupMe?

GroupMe is a fully-featured messaging app owned by Microsoft. It lets users host and join chats between groups of users, or one-on-one.

Users can insert animations and GIFs into messages, or use an integrated search feature to find photos or videos to share. 

People in GroupMe chats can also create and share Calendar events in order to coordinate offline activities among friends. Micropayment features are also available, for splitting tabs or loaning money to friends.

Is GroupMe safe for my kids?

GroupMe is only safe for mature teens. The app is not moderated and does not have content filtering. The emoji and GIF library for which GroupMe is known contains a number of images not suitable for young children. 

GroupMe's image library contains mature content, including sexualized images and the use of alcohol and drugs. Some are part of the default library, while others are only available through in-app purchases. 

The app does not allow users to delete past messages or chats.

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  • Ryan H.

    My teens use this app to message their friends. Seems harmless to me.