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Vaulty PRO allows users to hide photo and video files directly from their mobile device’s gallery, by simply opening the gallery, selecting the files they wish to hide, tapping share, and selecting the app. Vaulty PRO requires users to be 17 years or older and is not recommended for kids. This app features ads prominently throughout the platform.

About Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty PRO
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What is Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty PRO?

Vaulty PRO is an app designed to password protect photos and videos on mobile devices. For a purchase price of $2.99, Vaulty PRO users are able to upload photos and videos to the app, locked behind a PIN pad, which are encrypted, and only readable through the app.


Once users purchase the Vaulty PRO app, available for a one-time purchase of $2.99, and download, they’re ready to begin storing photo and video files. When a Vaulty PRO user opens the app for the first time, they’ll be prompted to create either a PIN or a text password.


Vaulty PRO also offers the option of having no password, but it’s unlikely that many users choose that option, given the purpose of the app. Users are then prompted to use a Google account for Automatic Backup, or simply choose no backup option. From there, users are able to begin transferring files to the Vaulty PRO app.


Another option Vaulty PRO provides is for users to tap the “Hide Pictures and Videos” option from the home page, which opens the mobile device’s gallery, and then select the files they wish to secure by tapping on them, and then tapping the lock icon. Those items will then be removed from the mobile device’s gallery view and secured in the Vaulty PRO app.

Is Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty PRO safe for my kids?

Parents should be aware that Vaulty PRO is an app designed to keep photos and videos hidden from being accessed in a mobile device’s gallery, and is an app requiring that users are ages 17 years and older.

Parents who discover the Vaulty PRO app on their child’s mobile device should be aware that it is an app designed for secrecy, and may wish to question why their child needs such an app on their device.

This is an app parents want to keep an eye out for, as the prevalence of sexting among teens continues to rise. Parents, do not attempt to figure out your child’s personal identification number (PIN) for the app, as each time an incorrect login occurs, the Vaulty PRO app takes a photo and saves it in a protected album.

It’s important to note that Vaulty PRO has an extremely low user rating, due to a slew of concerns. Many users report losing photos and videos after uploading to Vaulty PRO, noting that once those files are uploaded to the app, they are no longer able to be transferred back to the device’s gallery.

Additionally, despite purchasing the app, users are still subject to ad placement throughout the app. Some users have also reported loss of photo and video quality, once uploading to the Vaulty PRO app, claiming that the encryption process produces a lesser quality file on the other end. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a simple YouTube search yields several results, showing users how to easily hack the Vaulty PRO app, which illustrates how the purportedly secure app has serious security issues.

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