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Google's Gmail email app connects users to the Gmail accounts while on a mobile device. It is free to download in iTunes and Google Play, but does contain ads. This app is rated for users of all ages, but is most appropriate for teens and adults, as users under 13 are not permitted to create a Gmail account.

About Gmail

What is Gmail?

Gmail is an email messaging app supports multiple accounts, automatic email filtering, and integrating with other Google services such as Calendar, Voice, and Drive.

The Gmail app can be found in both the App Store and Google Play Store and is free to download. This app does feature in-app advertisements, but no purchases. The Gmail app is rated for users of all ages.

Downloading this app will prompt you to login and offers the option of logging into multiple accounts at once. Users can use this app as an inbox from Google, iCloud, Outlook, Hotmail, Live, Office365, Yahoo, and other email addresses.

Users should know that an email address with Google does give them access to the other features mentioned above, but they will have to download separate apps to utilize them or access them through the browser.

Common user complaints mention that the Gmail app offers limited features and that it is not easy to delete emails, let alone multiple at once.

The Gmail mobile app offers users a robust range of features, including:

  • Automatic email sorting, filing social and promotional messages into a separate category to read at your leisure.
  • Best-in-class spam protection and intelligent email scam detection.
  • 15 GB of free storage for documents and email attachments.
  • Receive email attachments of up to 15 MB in size.
  • Multiple account support for both Gmail and external email accounts.

Gmail is possibly the most widely-adopted email provider in the world. Approximately 60% of US companies, and 92% of startups, use Gmail as their email service provider.

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Is Gmail safe for my kids?

While the Gmail app is safe for teens, and carries an E for Everyone rating from the ESRB, there are possible privacy concerns with using this app.

Google scans the contents of all messages for several purposes, including spam detection, identifying possible email scams or phishing attempts, and to identify valuable keywords for use in demographically-targeted advertisements. 

This has opened the service up for criticism – and several lawsuits – on the grounds that not all people involved in sending email to Gmail addresses have consented to this inspection of their communications.

In June of 2017, Google announced it would shortly discontinue the practice of automatic email scanning for targeted advertisements, and would instead use data gathered by users of the rest of its Google apps ecosystem.

While its E rating implies Gmail is safe for users of all ages, Google's Terms of Service state that children under the age of thirteen are not permitted to create or use Gmail accounts.

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