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About Get Friends for Snapchat & Kik, Usernames for Snap
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What is Get Friends for Snapchat & Kik, Usernames for Snap?

One of the many “friend finder” apps on the market, GetFriends connects Snapchat and Kik users in order to chat or increase social media like and follows. This app is also used for dating and connects single people through their social media accounts.

GetFriends lists this disclaimer: “This app is not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliated with, Snapchat Inc, and Kik Interactive Inc.” 

The GetFriends app’s registration process is straightforward, offering the option for users to use their Facebook account for login, or input personal information, including telephone number, manually. 

After creating an account, users can search for other GetFriends users around the world by age, gender, or hashtags. Users have to option to add hashtags to their profiles to be more searchable to others. 

Users are also able to match with Snapchat and Kik users nearby. Once a user finds a user profile they’re interested in, they must pay to connect.

Once members are matched, they are able to trade Snapchat or Kik usernames to connect and chat outside of the platform. 

GetFriends claims to have strict terms in place to keep users safe:  “We have strict policy against referencing "Snapchat sexting", "Snapchat nudes", "Snapchat nudity", "Kik sexting", "Kik nudes", "Kik nudity" or “any other inappropriate activities.”

Is Get Friends for Snapchat & Kik, Usernames for Snap safe for my kids?

Meant for users ages 17+, GetFriends is not safe for kids. The app's purpose is to connect strangers who want to chat or share social platforms. This is never safe for kids and is still questionable for teens. 

GetFriends does not have any age verification, so users can potentially enter any age under their profile. Some adult users have mentioned the need for an age verification tool, as they’ve encountered a large number of minors using the app. Parents should be aware that their children can be matched with adults with the GetFriends app.

The GetFriends app is free to download, but features a high amount of in-app purchases, which many users say is the only way to be able to properly use the app. GetFriends users are unable to contact any other members unless they pay to see other users in their locality, or access more detailed profile information.

The GetFriends app offers a VIP membership at a hefty $19.99 per month, allowing those members full access to the site. 

Users may opt for a 7-day free trial of the VIP membership, which requires payment information, but should be sure to cancel before being billed for the next month if they decide not to subscribe. GetFriends also features heavy ad placements.

VIP users are able to access more detailed account data, such as profile likes and follows. Parents should be aware that the GetFriends app is meant for users to grow their social media following.

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Get Friends for Snapchat & Kik, Usernames for Snap Parent Rating

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  • Chris T.

    This app is a hard no for our family. We would never let our kids snapchat with strangers