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AdVenture Capitalist is a free app that simulates capitalism and begins by giving players a lemonade stand and they can build their business from there. AdVenture Capitalist is safe for kids, but parents should know that it is a pretty passive game and kids may get bored.

About AdVenture Capitalist
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What is AdVenture Capitalist?

AdVenture Capitalist is a free app that simulates capitalism. AdVenture Capitalist begins by giving players a lemonade stand and they can build their business from there. 


Players begin at the very bottom, with a lemonade stand as their first business venture. This simulates how a real business needs to be built from the ground up. Players watch the numbers display their increasing profits, and tap the screen every now and then to “work” for their money. 


Once large enough, AdVenture Capitalists are in the position to hire managers, who begin to collect money on the Capitalist’s behalf. As time passes and profits accumulate, players can cash in their currency to purchase upgrades that help them amass money at an even faster rate.


From there, players squeeze the profits to invest in another lemonade stand. Players can use their profits to reinvest into more businesses across different industries. 


When game profits increase, more business ventures will unlock, allowing the player to invest profits from smaller businesses into even larger ones, such as a newspaper or pizza parlor, all the way up to professional athletic teams.The goal is to grow your business until it has a monopoly on the market.

Is AdVenture Capitalist safe for my kids?

AdVenture Capitalist is safe for kids, but parents should know that AdVenture Capitalist is a pretty passive game. Kids who are looking for an exciting and interactive game might not be interested in this app. 

However, future MBAs will enjoy watching the numbers tick by as their profits increase. AdVenture Capitalist provides a pretty decent illustration of the economics behind capitalism.

AdVenture Capitalist is an idle game that continues even while players are away. Kids who tend to get impatient with games like Farm Heroes may have a difficult time stepping away from the game and allowing it to play in their absence.

Gambling does feature into AdVenture Capitalist, but with the goal of business gains. Once players reach a high level, they’ll be offered the opportunity of acquiring “Angel Investors”, which significantly increase profits for the duration of play. In order to accept an Angel Investor, players must liquidate all assets by resetting their game and starting over. 

If players choose to toss away the many hours they’ve spent amassing their virtual empire, they’ll be rewarded with increased profits when they start building again. This game replicates the no risk, no reward, aspect of venture capitalism.

Ads are built into AdVenture Capitalist, and players are rewarded for watching; if a player chooses to view an ad when offered, their profits will double over a four hour period. 

AdVenture Capitalist offers in-app purchases to help impatient players make more money quickly. In-app purchases make it possible for players to receive upgrades, acquire businesses, and amass their virtual wealth.

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