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About Don't Starve: Pocket Edition
In-App Purchases

What is Don't Starve: Pocket Edition?

For $4.99, players can download the mobile edition of the popular PC game, Don’t Starve. Similar to Minecraft, Don’t Starve is a wilderness survival game. Players must keep Wilson, The Gentleman Scientist, alive after a machine he’s built transports him to a mysterious world.

In the game’s mysterious island world, Wilson must forage to gather resources and craft items for survival. As the title suggests, players must travel the surrounding land, foraging for items to feed Wilson before dark, to keep him alive. 

Minecraft fans will find Don’t Starve to be a more difficult game, but will appreciate the game’s beautiful graphics .

Rated for teens, Don’t Starve is a more refined survival game, with difficult challenges and beautifully dark graphics. 

The mysterious world of the game is definitely out to get Wilson, who proclaims “I will conquer it all with the power of my mind.” Players will definitely need to be determined  to keep The Gentleman Scientist alive.

Players must navigate Wilson through the island, foraging for basic survival necessities. As players come across supplies, they tap the screen to collect or chop items for later use. 

Similar to Minecraft, items such as sticks and flint form the tools that Wilson will need to construct, after he’s collected the components. Once collected, players can build an axe or pick that help with chopping wood and mining rock. 

Flowers, carrots, berries and seeds should be collected to keep poor Wilson fed, but watch out: if Wilson picks the wrong type of mushroom, he will hallucinate. Other obstacles come in the form of evil flowers and wormholes, which Wilson must be careful to avoid. 

For the most part, players are left to discover and forage on their own, but menus guide the process by showing what must be collected to build a tool or create a fire.

Is Don't Starve: Pocket Edition safe for my kids?

Don't Starve is relatively safe for kids, but parents should know that tech savvy kids will probably enjoy trying different things within the game to see what works and what doesn’t, as the game offers little in the way of instruction. Impatient kids may tire of the game quickly.

Just when players think they’ve figured it out, monsters and shadow creatures appear to complicate and challenge game play. 

As with the whimsical nature of the game, parents shouldn’t be too concerned about the scariness of the monsters. They’re fun and fantastical,  similar to picture book illustrations of monsters.

While Don’t Starve features a health meter, much like other games, it also features a sanity meter. Once Wilson’s sanity begins to decrease, which often occurs as nightfall approaches, he’ll begin to see strange things. 

Left long enough without replenishing sanity, the weird things become a reality and begin to attack Wilson.

Don’t Starve is a single player game, so parents don’t need to be concerned about chat or messaging features. 

Don’t Starve is definitely a game of trial and error. Parents should be prepared for frustration, because beginners will experience a lot of death before they start getting the hang of things.

Parents will find that Don’t Starve is quirky and dark.

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Don't Starve: Pocket Edition Parent Rating


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