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About Last Day on Earth: Survival
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What is Last Day on Earth: Survival?

Players in Last Day on Earth: Survival are tasked with staying alive in a post-apocalyptic world. Players assume the role of a survivor, who must forage for staples and set up a fortified encampment, while fighting off zombies, wild animals and poisonous plants. 

Players begin with a character wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, and must hunt, gather, and fend off zombies while collecting the basic necessities for survival.

 Similar to Minecraft, players work from a grid system to forage and build, and use basic elements to construct tools for survival.

Players are forced to think strategically, as they can only carry a small amount of inventory with them at all times. 

Building a shelter is important, as it serves as protection against zombies and invaders, as well as a home base where surplus supplies can be cached; items such as surplus wood and tactical gear can be stored safely within the confines of a player’s fortification.

Is Last Day on Earth: Survival safe for my kids?

Parents should know that Last Day on Earth: Survival is a multiplayer zombie survival game, in which the goal is to stay alive through strategy and resourcefulness. The world has suffered a catastrophic event, creating an every man for himself environment. 

Not only do players have to forage and build items to aid in their survival, but they also must avoid zombies, wild animals and other invaders that want to kill them in the process. However, the literal physical fight for survival is only one aspect of this game.

Similar to Minecraft, players must hunt and gather basic necessities to begin building a fortified shelter. Players will gather basics, such as sticks and stone, in order to craft tools to maximize efficiency. 

Hunting is necessary, so parents should be aware that this game does involve hunting and killing animals for meat and fur.

Parents will want to know that zombies and wild animals roam everywhere in Last Day on Earth, so players must kill or be killed. Zombie killings are graphic, there is blood, flying limbs, and dead zombies. However, wild animals and zombies are not the only dangers. 

As this is a multiplayer game, players will often encounter other players in real time, and battle to kill one another so that they can take their tools and goods. 

Parents don't be concerned, however, as Last Day on Earth does not feature chat or messaging, so players only encounter one another in character form.

Parents will be happy to know that Last Day on Earth does not feature ads, despite being free to play. However, players must travel to and from different areas of the game, in order to forage and build up supply caches. 

Travel can take hours in Last Day on Earth, which is where in-app purchases come into play. Travel is based upon energy stores, which can be purchased to have enough energy to travel quickly between areas.

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  • Kyle L.

    Too violent for our family (kids are 7 and 10). Might be okay for teens