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Email My Texts is an Android app that allows users to easily email, print, and save text messages or message threads. Rated for users of all ages, Email My Texts can be purchased for $4.90 in the Google Play store and does not feature any in-app advertisements.

About Email My Texts
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What is Email My Texts?

It’s important to note that Email My Texts is for Android devices only, and, per the developer, does not work with AT&T Advanced Messaging. Users can use the Email My Texts app to email, print, and save all text messages, or individual message threads; users can easily upload messages and individual thread logs to Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud-based storage solution.


When users export their messaging data, the file contains the contact’s name, phone number, message dates & times, as well as the content of each of the messages. Users have the ability to sort their messaging content with the Email My Texts app, filtering text messages by thread, date, date range, and by a set previous number of days option.


Email My Texts allows users to transfer their messaging logs easily, in three steps, with just their phone or mobile device. First, users select the texts they wish email, using the two quick options, either All Texts or Specific Thread, or using the filter option to further refine their selection.


When users select to export texts by Specific Thread, they’ll receive a popup screen, listing each of the contacts by name in their text messaging application. Users simply tap the circle next the name of the contact, whose text messaging thread they wish to export, making sure that it is highlighted. After users have selected the texts they wish to export, they are then given the option to review those texts, with a summary of the number of texts and the number of threads included.


Also included is whether or not the export will include message attachments and users can toggle this option under the settings menu. Lastly, Email My Texts users will tap the Email/Upload button, and follow the options to either input an email address or upload to cloud server. 

Is Email My Texts safe for my kids?

Parents will appreciate the fact that the Email My Texts app can be used to email, save, and print out text message interactions. The ability to easily separate and print text message logs is excellent for legal issues (such as cyberbullying or sexting cases), as well as to download and backup onto a computer, in order to create space on a user’s phone.

The Email My Texts app can also be used to transfer and save messages to a computer, prior to getting a new phone, so that interactions and message threads are not lost in the transfer.

Users do not need to connect their phone to a computer, to utilize the Email My Texts app, nor do they need to download specific software for the processing of text data files.

When users are ready to transfer their text message information, they can send the logs to any email address they choose, and Email My Text does not use personal servers to transmit information, so user privacy is assured.

This app is safe for teens to use with parental supervision.

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