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Color Uncovered is an educational app for iPads and Android tablets that features a library of videos, illusions, and articles about the theory, science, and psychology of colors. The app is free to download for tablet users from the iTunes app store and the Google Play store.

About Color Uncovered
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What is Color Uncovered?

Color Uncovered is an educational app that explores the theories and science behind colors and how we perceive them. The app is developed by Exploratorium, which is an interactive museum of science, art, and human perception in San Francisco which also develops a number of quality apps and online experiences to stoke curiosity in people of all ages.


The Colors Uncovered app features a wide variety of interactive experiments, color illusions, informative videos, and articles on topics dealing with color in art, color theory, science, and human perception of color.


For example, one activity has users open a clear CD case and place it between two dots of color to see what those colors combine to create, or an article on why a dog, even if he could steer a car, still would encounter a big problem if he tried to drive (hint: it has to do with color perception).


The Color Uncovered app is created to teach interesting and often unknown concepts about color in a way that is interactive, engaging, and fun so as to stoke continued curiosity in the broader topics of science, art, and humanity.


Color Uncovered is a free experience for tablet users with either an iPad or an Android tablet, and can be found on their respective app stores, the iTunes app store or the Google Play store. The app is reviewed very well by curious kids, adults, and teachers alike, scoring a 4.7 out of 5 in the iTunes app store review section. 

Is Color Uncovered safe for my kids?

Color Uncovered is rated for users 4+ and is safe for users of all ages, though younger kids may not be able to understand some of the different concepts and theories presented in the app.

For younger kids, the app is not unapproachable or too mature, as the experiments and videos are enjoyable and have high educational value, but they may just not grasp exactly what is being taught.

This is not a problem, as introduction to concepts at a young age in an interactive manner can pave the way for easier understanding when kids learn more or encounter the ideas again in the future.

Color Uncovered is developed by a company with a keen sense for educating and engaging kids in subjects that feed curiosity. The app is a library of safe content, so it does not include any dangerous social networking features which might expose kids to cyberbullying or online strangers.

Parents are also happy to hear that Color Uncovered does not have any in-app purchases that may result in unexpected expenses.

Parents should take time to go through some of the content with kids, helping them with experiments and reading through articles, as kids will enjoy learning new things with someone there to guide their journey. 

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