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About BrainPOP Featured Movie
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What is BrainPOP Featured Movie?

BrainPOP Featured Movie is a companion app to the award-winning BrainPOP network of educational websites, featuring educational animations and games on hundreds of subjects. The activities are designed for children in grades K-12 and follow state Common Core Standards.

BrainPOP is used as a source of supplemental educational content in approximately 20% of schools in the United States, and also offers subscriptions for homeschooled children and families. 

The BrainPOP Featured Movie app shows kids one of these animations every day, then offers them quizzes and activities to reinforce what they've learned. Kids can track their best scores over time on a personal statistics page. Which movie is offered by the app changes every day, and can cover topics as diverse as dogs, the stock market, mathematics, and civics. 

Most of the BrainPOP movies star Tim, a human who narrates the animation, and Moby, his possibly extra-dimensional robot companion (who may or may not have been built by Leonardo da Vinci). The animations are structured as responses to 'letters' Tim receives with questions from the audience.  Other characters include Bob the Ex-Lab Rat, a grizzled rat who guides kids through DIY home experiments; Gary and gary, a father-son duo who star in short safety videos; and Cassie and Rita, two teenagers who mostly appear in supplemental “FYI” sections expanding on the main animation. Cassie and Rita occasionally appear in or narrate the main lesson, as well. 

While the featured activity is free, there are two classes of subscriptions parents which can choose from. The Explorer Subscription gives your child access to four randomly selected animations (with associated activities) every day, while the Full Access subscription opens up the entire BrainPOP Featured Movie library. Subscribed users can access much more of BrainPOP Featured Movie's educational content, with a companion portal for parents and educators with lesson plans and supplemental activities. 

If your child attends a school or belongs to an educational institution with a BrainPOP subscription, you can use that login to access additional features without needing an individual subscription plan. BrainPOP was started by Dr. Avraham Kadar, MD, who used short animations to explain complex medical information to younger patients. The team has expanded to include dozens of animators, educational consultants, and subject matter experts, who supervise the constant creation of new explainers, lesson plans, and games within their focus areas.  

The main BrainPOP site receives approximately 11 million unique visitors per month.

Is BrainPOP Featured Movie safe for my kids?

The BrainPOP Featured Movie app is absolutely safe for children, and best for children ages six and up. Younger kids may get the most benefit from watching and discussing BrainPOP material with their parents.

BrainPOP has earned dozens of awards from prominent educational, technology, and media organizations for its educational content, including:

  • Common Sense Media
  • The CODiE Awards
  • Association of Educational Publishers
  • District Administration Magazine
  • Association for Library Service to Children
  • Association of Educational Publishers
  • Teacher's Choice Awards
  • Homeschool.com
  • Digital Innovation in Learning Awards
  • KAPi Awards
  • Apple Education

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