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Arloon Geometry is an interactive augmented reality app that helps students age 11 and older learn geometry. The app is designed as an educational aid for middle school and high school students learning chemistry. Arloon Chemistry costs $2.99 to download from both the iTunes app store and the Google Play Store.

About Arloon Geometry
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What is Arloon Geometry?

Arloon Geometry is an educational app that introduces the benefits of augmented reality (AR) to geometry class to help students learn through interaction and practice.


With AR, students can view different geometric shapes from different angles, rotating them and unfolding the sides into flat figures for a robust understanding of their composition. Content to study includes regular polyhedral, prisms, bodies of revolution, and pyramids.


Arloon Geometry also includes the definitions and characteristics that differentiate shapes, procedural content such as geometric formulae, and exercises to practice the material. Arloon Geometry combines the material taught in a traditional classroom setting with an interactive experience that helps students understand more fully the concepts and procedures, while developing a spatial imagination that is applicable in real world problem solving.


The app was awarded the Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award in 2014, along with other awards and honors.


Arloon apps are designed to be classroom supplements to help students 11 and older as they learn from textbooks and lecture, but there is no reason it cannot be used outside of the classroom by students that are interested in geometry.


Arloon Geometry is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app costs $2.99 to download from the Apple iTunes app store and the Google Play store.

Is Arloon Geometry safe for my kids?

The Arloon Geometry educational app is safe for kids of all ages, but it is recommended for kids 11 and older. This recommendation has nothing to do with dangerous content, but is there for academic reasons, as younger kids will not be academically prepared with the necessary foundation of knowledge to understand the concepts and procedures presented in the app.

For students just being introduced to these geometric concepts, it may be best for a teacher to help guide them as they use the app, so the students know what they are working with and learning.

Arloon Geometry does not include any inappropriate content or chat features where kids might encounter cyberbullying or strangers, so parents of students using the app don't need to worry about these concerns.

Students who are academically prepared to use the app will reap a number of benefits, not the least of which is a robust understanding of the geometric shapes they are working with and the formulae that explain them.

They will also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, a strong spatial imagination, and the ability to understand abstract geometric concepts as they relate to the spatial world.

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