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Climby Hammer is a gaming app that challenges users to create climbing courses and compete in timed completions. Climby Hammer is free to download and play, but contains advertisements and in-app purchases. Rated for players of all ages, Climby Hammer is available for both Android and iOS devices.

About Climby Hammer
In-App Purchases

What is Climby Hammer?

Similar to the Getting Over It and Sexy Climbing gaming apps, Climby Hammer players put their creativity to work building courses for players to attempt and master.

Players are timed as they proceed through the course, with player rankings displayed at the completion of each course. And while Climby Hammer is free to download and play, users will find that gems are required to create courses, essentially making it a pay to play app.

Gem packages are available through in-app purchases and range in price from $1.99 to $49.99.

Patience is key to players navigating the many intricate courses, as all movement of their avatar is done with a sledge hammer. Using the sledge hammer as a pogo stick, a pole vault and a climbing pick axe, players climb and propel their way up, over and around course obstacles created by other players.

Gravity does function normally in Climby Hammer, and players can often find themselves plummeting to the beginning of a course, after spending minutes (and sometimes upwards of an hour) making their way up towards the top of the course. So, while the controls are intuitive and simple, it takes a little finesse for players to get the “swing” of things in Climby Hammer.

Looking much like the blocky characters and terrain of Minecraft or Roblox, Climby Hammer has a distinctly pixelated look to it, automatically bringing to mind other incredibly popular games. In Climby Hammer, players have the ability to customize their avatar’s face, which makes for some interesting characters.

Is Climby Hammer safe for my kids?

Climby Hammer is rated for all ages and is safe for kids to play.

Parents should be aware that Climby Hammer can only be played with an internet connection and that spotty connections can increase loading time and interrupt game play (causing massive frustration among younger players).

Another feature parents should know about is the ability for Climby Hammer players to join clans and compete in multiplayer competitions. Players simply need to input an invite code to join an established clan.

Along with clans comes a chat feature, in which players can post in a message board-type stream. As this is live, and does not have a content filter, parents should be aware that young children can be exposed to profanity and other adult content.

Common user complaints for Climby Hammer concern the cost to create levels, several bugs and glitches causing black screens. Many users report getting black or blank screens when they finish a level or die before completing a level.

Other users complain that the controls need to be fine-tuned, as their responsiveness is both lacking and overcompensating when attempting to navigate a course.

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