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Modern Sniper is a first-person shooter gaming app in which the player is a criminal sniper tasked with completing a number of different missions. The game runs on Android devices and is available for download in the Google Play store. It is rated for teens and is not safe for kids.

About Modern Sniper
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What is Modern Sniper?

Modern Sniper is an exciting, mission based first-person shooter gaming app. Users are given criminal missions to complete, such as scoping in and eliminating high-value targets from afar, or taking out a group of enemies on the street.


The quality of the graphics is fairly high for a mobile game, offering 6 realistic maps and 7 different weapons to use and upgrade. Gameplay is fairly straightforward, just find the target and tap to shoot. Modern Sniper is rated "T" for teen due to the inherent violence of a game in which contract killing is the essence.


Downloading and playing Modern Sniper app is free, but the free version does contain ads, and there are options to make in-app purchases that unlock certain features.


The game is only available for Android devices, and can be found in the Google Play store. Reviews on modern sniper are generally good, with users rating it an average of 4.2 out of 5 in the Google Play review section.


Most players enjoy the quality graphics and the variety of different missions, but there are a number of complaints about the controls, such as the trigger taking too long to activate after shooting, making it difficult to shoot enemies that are on the run.  

Is Modern Sniper safe for my kids?

Modern Sniper is not safe for younger kids and should be reserved only for an older, teenage audience. The violence is not horrifically graphic, but seedy criminal violence is the theme of the game, which is not suitable for young kids.

Modern Sniper is rated "T" for teen, which means the content of the game is generally suitable for teenagers 13 and older.

Also a concern is the presence of in-app purchases and advertisements, which contribute to a certain level of consumerism which prevails in Modern Sniper, in which users are guided towards making purchases. Parents should take the time to have a conversation with kids about purchasing anything within an app, and establishing the ground rules that surround the topic.

Modern Sniper is a single player game, so users are never connected to a wider group of players where they may meet strangers or read inappropriate comments in a chat room. The level of violence present in Modern Sniper is suitable for teens, but not for younger kids.

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