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Angry Gran Run is a gaming app that is safe for older kids to play. This app is available for free to download from both iTunes and Google Play, but features in-app purchases. Angry Gran Run is recommended for kids ages 10 and older due to mild fantasy violence and is safe for kids with parental guidance.

About Angry Gran Run - Running Game
In-App Purchases
Everyone 10+

What is Angry Gran Run - Running Game?

Angry Gran Run is a cartoon race gaming app where users try to help Granny escape from the asylum she has been kept in.

This app is rated E10+ for everyone ages 10 or older. Angry Gran Run is available on both iTunes and Google Play for free download but offers in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $99.99.

This app allows players to run through the streets of several different places, avoiding obstacles and aiding Gran in her escape from the asylum and from the agent Fred. Users have the ability to play in cities such as New York and Rome and to disguise the Gran in a variety of costumes such as a hippie or a penguin.

Angry Gran Run challenges users to avoid some obstacles and smash others, collecting coins while also fleeing through the streets. This app is similar to several other simple runner games such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers.

Common reviews of this app note the simplicity of this game and how because of its simple action-packed premise it leaves users wanting to play often. Other reviewers complain about the difficulty in changing the game’s settings to better suit their preferred game experience.

Is Angry Gran Run - Running Game safe for my kids?

Angry Gran Run is a single-player running gaming app that is safe for kids 10 and older. Parents should be aware that this game displays and encourages mature themes such as hostage taking and cartoon violence

This app does not have any interactive elements that could lead to kids playing or conversing with strangers. Parents should know that this app features an array of locations where users can escape including New York and Russia. 

Angry Gran Run also provides users with several tools to aid them in their goal to help Gran escape; these features challenge players to be creative and to problem solve using different tools and disguises to help Gran to safety. Parents should also note that users are trying to help the Gran escape from the “angry asylum,” and that the word asylum is one of the first thing users see when beginning a new game. 

There is no age verification when downloading this app or beginning to play. 

Issues with the app and other problems can be reported to the developer by emailing support@aceviral.com. Angry Gran Run is similar to many other simple runner apps like Temple Run and Crossy Road, where players navigate constantly changing terrains hoping to advance along the course while collecting coins and defeating enemies along the way.

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