Looking for kid friendly Minecraft channels to watch on YouTube? Check out our list.

If your child is among the millions who are obsessed with Minecraft, you’re not alone. This ever-popular video game is captivating for kids and adults alike! Kids love it for the obvious entertainment reasons and parents love it because it encourages creativity, visuospatial reasoning and other skill-building.

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When kids aren’t spending their free time playing Minecraft, though, many are watching how-to videos about it on YouTube. There are thousands of videos on this subject and they range in style, depending on what they’re focusing on. Popular videos can include:

  • Tutorials – showing players how to build new things within the game
  • Let’s Play – watching the YouTuber as they play the game, usually including commentary on strategy
  • Challenges – a contest to reach a specific goal between two players
  • Mods – showcasing recipes for “mods” or modifications

With all of these types of Minecraft-themed videos available on YouTube, a big concern of parents is knowing which ones are appropriate for your kids to view. Many gaming YouTubers are not creating their videos with kids in mind and that means that vulgar language and content may sometimes be included.

5 Kid Friendly YouTube Channels for Minecraft Fans

So, how can you tell which are safe for your kids to watch? Take a look at our parent-approved list of popular Minecraft YouTube channels that are safe for your kids to watch.

1. Stampy Longhead

Stampy is an English YouTube commentator whose rise to fame stemmed from posting Let’s Play videos. He covers Minecraft and other games and his biggest fan base is children aged six to 14. Because of this, he maintains a clean channel and is kid-friendly and fun to watch, especially since his character is a cartoon cat named Stampy. With almost 9 million subscribers to his channel, we’d say he’s pretty popular!

 2. iBallisticSquid

Real-life best friend of Stampy, iBallisticSquid is a cartoon squid and the brainchild of David Spencer. His channel is just as entertaining as Stampy Longhead’s and features crossover challenges with both channel’s main characters, Stampy and Squiddy. He features let’s play videos, as well as creative mods and fun challenges – all of which are suitable for kiddos.

 3. Amy Lee

Amy Lee is another gamer who made a name on YouTube playing Minecraft, which she was introduced to by her niece. She encourages viewers, mainly children, to use their imagination and embrace peace and love. She states, “You can do what you want with the game, your only limitation is your own imagination. It is awesome.” Having recently reached 1 million followers on YouTube, parents around the globe will appreciate her message of kindness.

4. LittleLizard Gaming 

LittleLizard is part of a gaming club group of channels on YouTube, known as the Little Club, that has multiple accounts as part of their world. Friends include LittleKelly, TinyTurtle and DonutTheDog and they feature Minecraft Let’s Play, creation and mod videos. Each channel in the Little Club is kid-friendly and is geared towards younger viewers.

5. ThinkNoodles

ThinkNoodles is an upbeat and sometimes silly channel, which kids are guaranteed to love watching. With close to three million subscribers, or “Noodlers”, his Let’s Play videos are insanely popular with Minecraft lovers. Some videos even feature his adorable golden retriever, Kopi. 

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