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The Wheres My Droid is an app that allows users to track their phones if they ever are lost or stolen as well as some additional features. This app is only available in the Google Play Store and is rated for everyone.  Where's My Droid also features in-app purchases and advertisements. This app is safe for kids.

About Wheres My Droid
In-App Purchases

What is Wheres My Droid?

With a variety of features such as extra password protection, instant Android tracking, and notifications of changed phone numbers and SIM cards, Wheres My Droid is an app that allows users to track their phones if they ever are lost or stolen.

This app is only available in the Google Play Store and is rated for everyone.  Wheres My Droid also features in-app purchases and advertisements


By using a text word or accessing the app online, users are able to turn the volume of their phone up or make it vibrate in order to easily locate the device when it is misplaced.


Additionally, it is possible to create a list of individuals that have permission to remotely access and control your phone.


Similar to the app Find My Device, users are also able to see the precise GPS location of the phone, and they will be notified if there are any changes made to the phone’s SIM card or number.


If you would like access to more advanced features, you can make in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $8.99 to upgrade to either the Pro or Elite account.


The Pro account allows users to remotely wipe their phone’s data, while the Elite account includes auto theft detection and a motion alarm.


The app has received very positive reviews and has been downloaded over 100,000 times.

Is Wheres My Droid safe for my kids?

Due to the fact that this app does contain any mature or inappropriate themes, it is safe for all ages to use

Parents should know that Where’s My Droid makes it easier for both them and their child to keep track of their child’s phone.

If your child tends to be forgetful or to misplace items, this app can be a good solution that will help you to keep an eye on their property.

Because there is the option to allow other individuals and devices to have access to the phone, parents can keep track of the phone’s location as well. 

It is important to note that the app does offer in-app purchases, something that parents may not be comfortable with their child having access to. If you do not want your child to be able to purchase upgrades, simply disable the in-app purchase option in their phone’s settings.  

Additionally, if you decide to upgrade to the Pro or Elite account, keep in mind that your child will be able to remotely wipe data from their phone.

If you are concerned that your child will use this feature to hide inappropriate content or be sneaky, it is best to only have the standard account and avoid upgrading altogether.

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