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The CM Locker app is a secure and customizable lock screen app for Android devices. Users can use a password, PIN, or fingerprint lock to protect their phone. The CM Locker app is free to download from the Google Play store. and is safe for kids to use.

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What is CM Locker-AppLock,ScreenLock?

With the CM Locker app, Android users can protect their phones and personalize their lock screen. This locker app supports password, PIN, and even fingerprint protection on select devices.


Also available within this app is a feature that snaps a selfie of potential intruders if they get the password wrong. The photo is then emailed to the phone owner instantly so the phone owner is aware of the unapproved entry attempt.


The CM Locker app also offers remote phone locking and locating services for users who connect their Facebook account, keeping data safe on lost phones while also helping to locate the device.


CM Locker also offers a variety of personalization features, such as wallpapers, themes, and password modes which users can mix and match to their taste. The lock screen also includes a number of accessible tools, like weather forecasts, notification reminder, instant message reply right from the lock screen, music control, and shortcuts to the camera, flashlight, and other tools.


The CM Locker app is free to download for Android users from the Google Play store, but it does contain ads. Reviewers speak highly of CM Locker, praising the increased privacy without any loss in efficiency, and scoring it an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars. 

Is CM Locker-AppLock,ScreenLock safe for my kids?

The CM Locker app is safe for kids. The program serves as a replacement or upgrade to features already packed into most devices, simply offering another layer of security and customizability.

One concern that comes with CM Locker is the presence of ads. As the program is rated E for everyone, the ads will not be mature or threatening, but they are annoying and tend to tempt kids to buy or download apps they do not need.

CM Locker does not introduce any new social platforms, but it does offer the option to connect with others, like Facebook and email, but it is not necessary to do so if users are not interested in those features.

The real benefit of the CM Locker app is the ability to access a slightly different, and in some cases, more effective lock screen and security system for a device.

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