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What is Township?

Township is a city-building game app that puts players in the position of town planners. Like other apps of this genre, building and growing takes place in square plots. 

From planting and harvesting to processing and distributing, Township players get to experience what it’s like to keep a real town running, all while attempting to keep its residents happy. 

Township is free to download, but features in-app purchases and ads.


The Township app functions much like an amalgam of building games, such as Farm Heroes or any of the Tycoon games, but it offers players much more. Laid out in a familiar grid system, players have a farm area, where they grow crops and feed animals, which is later processed and distributed.

Players are rewarded with cash, the game currency, each time they complete an action such as growing crops, harvesting, distributing, etc. However, farmland is only one portion of the Township game.

In Township, players are planners, aiming to make their town profitable and capable of growing and expanding both its residents and its offerings. 

As players build and tend to farms, they must also keep the townsfolk happy, which translates into filling customer orders, building new buildings, and adding decorative elements to the town. Players can add everything from the Statue of Liberty to a Ferris wheel and carnival area to keep townspeople happily living in their township.

Is Township safe for my kids?

Parents should know that Township is a city-building app, rated for children 4 years and older, but is likely more suitable for children 12 years and older

Players must build upon and cultivate a thriving town, all while keeping its residents happy (in an effort to foster a burgeoning population).

Township takes city-building to a new level, with players literally building and adding to the town from the ground up. Players not only grow food, they also process and distribute it in their towns (as well as neighboring towns).

The Township app is free to download, but features both advertisements and in-app purchases. While players earn cash, the game’s currency, as they play, they have the ability to spend that cash to acquire materials and speed up building and expansion processes. 

Speeding up game play, as well as leveling up, costs players a lot of game currency, which is why many players find themselves purchasing additional game cash with their own, real money; in-app purchases range in price from $1.99 to $39.99. 

Township also rewards players, with game cash, for watching in-app video advertisements, which often involve applications and downloads that take users off of the platform.

Township can only be successfully played with friends, and parents should definitely be aware of the community aspect of the game. Players have the ability to add friends via Facebook or Google +, allowing them to combine resources, as well as allowing for trades and gifts between communities.

On the whole, Township is a fun, albeit time consuming, and educational game, featuring excellent graphics that is safe for children to play. Parents may want to supervise children ages 4 through 12, as well as ensure that in-app purchase restrictions are in place on their devices. 

Younger children can definitely benefit from seeing a simplified version of commercial farming, as well as the integral parts that combine to plan, construct and expand a small town.

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