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About Llama Spit Spit
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What is Llama Spit Spit?

Llama Spit Spit is a gaming app and a spin-off from the hit Nickelodeon show, Game Makers. Seen in season two of the show, developers created Llama Spit Spit for real life play. 

Simplistic in nature, Lama Spit Spit features a pixelated llama, who spits at pixelated foes, all the while racking up points and collecting coins. Llama Spit Spit is free to download and is rated for players of all ages.


Simplistically built, players are a pixelated llama, in a pixelated world, against pixelated foes (enemy is too strong a word). The opposing characters are as silly as the game, featuring a hat-wearing octopus, earmuff-sporting penguins, and a tongue-rolling aardvark (or kangaroo -- it’s tough to determine).  

Similar to Asteroid, llama is on a moving screen (with an upward trajectory), and must navigate obstacles and objects being thrown at him, while firing spit at his foes; when a spitball (the spit is shaped like balls) hits an opposing character, they turn into gold coins that need to be collected.


Coins are the currency of Llama Spit Spit, and players earn coins by collecting throughout game play, as well as through bonuses awarded at the end of each game. When players level up, they’re able to outfit their llama in costumes, such as a pirate costume, and outfits, such as riding with his head popped out of an ice cream truck throughout the level.


To navigate the screen obstacles in Llama Spit Spit, players tap and drag their fingers across the screen, side stepping obstacles and projectiles, all while shooting spitballs and collecting coins.


Each level ends with a mega fight against a humorous boss, such as a chicken who emerges from an egg carton and lobs eggs at the llama, while sporting a sign around it’s neck reading “Corn Fed”, who, if defeated, sends the llama to the next level. 

If players are not successful in defeating the game boss, they have 10 seconds to tap the button to play again, which costs game coins to continue (in a sense, players are paying for multiple lives).

Is Llama Spit Spit safe for my kids?

Parents should know that Llama Spit Spit is a game as silly as its name, and that young children will love to play it. It is safe for kids aged 4 and older.

As players progress through levels, each stage increases in difficulty, forcing players to hone their skills before progressing. Kids will giggle with the witty commentary throughout the game, and the quick tempo music matches the fast paced speed of the game. 

Llama Spit Spit is a great game for building fine motor skills, as zipping, sliding, spitting and ducking obstacles are the main features of the game.

With brightly colored, pixelated and blocky graphics, a cast of comical characters, and a tie-in to an incredibly popular television show, kids will delight in Llama Spit Spit (and parents will likely need to enforce time limits).

Llama Spit Spit is rated for users 4 years or older, and meant for children between the ages of nine and eleven, but will be enjoyed by virtually everyone who plays. 

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