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About Crusaders of Light
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What is Crusaders of Light?

Crusaders of Light is a 3D fantasy gaming app, appealing to fans of World of Warcraft-type role playing games. 

Boasting over 300 hours of unique gameplay, and a mass of other live players with which to join forces, users won’t bore easily of Crusaders of Light. Crusaders of Light is free to download, but does feature a range of in-app purchases.

As Crusaders of Light is a MMORGP, it offers the ability for players to communicate with each other via an integrated voice system. Guildmates will find this especially useful, as they team together and coordinate defenses to defeat demons and bosses in their quest. 

Beautiful on screen, Crusaders of Light is a beautifully designed mobile game, with many of the same capabilities as PC play and PC quality graphics. 

Players begin by selecting to play as either Ranger, Warrior or Mystic class -- each with their own characteristics and quests -- and further refining their character by choosing a sub-class, which will determine their role throughout the game; players may switch their sub-class at any time during the game.

Between battles, players collect valuable items and complete side quests, which add to their character’s abilities. For example, as a character is traveling through the game’s land, they may come across rare items, which provide specific advantages throughout the game (akin to boosting armor or upgrading a weapon).

Players control their character’s movements and actions by swiping and tapping, and battle weaponry is accessible in the lower right hand corner of the screen. 

To make a move against the enemy, players would move their character directly to the character they wish to strike and then tap the options in the lower right hand corner to begin the assault.

Crusaders of Light, in addition to being a massively multiplayer role-playing game, takes place in a persistent world. Games taking place in a persistent world are ever-changing and evolving, continuing to exist even while a player is offline.

Is Crusaders of Light safe for my kids?

Parents should know that Crusaders of Light is a MMORPG, a massively multiplayer role-playing game, in which players assume the role of characters within the game, and join forces to defeat a horde of demons. 

Rated for teens, and rightly so, Crusaders of Light is jam-packed with incredible graphics -- superb for a mobile game -- and an array of demons and bosses. Violence, albeit fantasy violence, reigns supreme in this game, as players battle demons who have taken over their land. 

Parents should be aware that the voice system is not monitored or censored, so teens utilizing this option may possibly hear inappropriate language.

Free to download, parents should know that Crusaders of Light offers a range of in-app purchases, ranging in price from $.99 to $99.99.

Parents uncomfortable with their children playing violent games will want to bypass Crusaders of Light, as the entire game is centered around battles of good versus evil. 

However, parents who allow their children to play World of Warcraft should have no issues with the Crusaders of Light app, as it’s another fantasy role-playing game option best suited for teens.

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