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Tik Tok is a music video fueled social network that now features more than just lip syncing but also dancing, comedy, and even more forms of entertainment. This app is available for download for both iOS and Android devices. It is rated for users 12 years of age and older and does feature in-app purchases.

About TikTok 틱톡
In-App Purchases

What is TikTok 틱톡?

Tik Tok as described in the app stores is a “global video community powered by music”.  In other words, Tik Tok is a music video fueled social networking app that now features more than just lip syncing but also dancing, comedy, and even more forms of entertainment.


Once downloaded, users can view videos without an account but are limited as to what they can do without one. Creating an account can be done either through a phone number or an email address. From there users can start exploring the app through trending videos or through the exploration tab where users can search for specific users, hashtags, or sounds/songs.


You can follow your favorite creators and save your favorite hashtags to populate in your own feed later, or you can explore videos recommended by your activity and likes. Users also have the option of creating their own videos in app with lots of fun filters and backgrounds to use.


In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 for coins used as in-app currency.  Coins can only be used in the platform and cannot be cashed out for real money.


Tik Tok is a an app that was launched in China in 2016 and has continued to be wildly popular in Asia since then. ByteDance, the owners of Tik Tok, saw similarities between their app and another popular app in the market and purchased the Musical.ly app in 2018. The company then merged the two apps, along with popular live streaming app Live.ly.


This app has mostly positive reviews with most complaints coming in the form of bugs since these apps merged.

Is TikTok 틱톡 safe for my kids?

This app is not safe for kids. The Tik Tok app is very popular among teens and kids alike and many users of the app get very involved and produce some fairly high quality videos for something that comes out of an app alone. Tik Tok can be a great place for kids to express their own creativity but it doesn’t come without its faults.

There are no parental controls on the but the app does offer privacy settings. When creating an account, none of these settings are set to private. Parents should look into these settings so that they can control who sees their child’s videos as well as who can contact them.

Parents should be wary of strangers contacting their children and encourage their kids to report strangers who may try to chat with them.

There are no content filters on Tik Tok and while some of the content on this app is okay, there is also some swearing and sexual lyrics as well as suggestive clothing and dance moves. Parents should assess if their children are mature enough for this content.

Tik Tok can be safe older, mature teens with parental supervision, but younger kids should steer away from this app. Parents should have open discussions about spending on the app as well as the content they may encounter or post themselves.

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