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About tbh­
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What is tbh­?

Tbh, which stands for "to be honest" is an anonymous feedback app for teens that promotes kindness. 

After creating an account, users are prompted with poll questions such as “Best person to go on a road trip with?” or "Who makes you laugh the hardest?" All of the polls are positive and kept private. 

Users vote on other users that go to their school or are in their phone contacts. For this reason, tbh users are likely to actually know each other. 

Tbh polls offer four users to choose from, rotating each time. Users also have the option to switch the four names, only once per poll, or can skip the poll completely. 

When a user is chosen in a poll, they receive gems. Each user can see their gems and the polls on which other users voted for them. No one else can see their list unless they choose to share it. 

If a user replies to a vote they received, the voter has the opportunity to reveal their indentity, or they can choose to remain anonymous. 

Is tbh­ safe for my kids?

Tbh is safe for mature teens and is designed for users 13 and older. 

The app requires access to location information and user contacts. It also requires users to indicate their age, if they are in high school, college, or have graduated and must specify which grade or year of schooling they are in. 

After, they pick their school from a list of nearby, or can search for their school if it isn't on the list. Users will need to enter their first and last names, for polling purposes. Tbh does not verify this information, but the app is not really useful if you choose to use a fake name. 

While the app is mostly anonymous, it is not completely private. Users are required to use their full names on the profiles. When a user votes for a person on a poll, the person can see the grade and gender of the voter. 

The polls come in batches of 12 and users are restricted to one batch per hour. Limiting the polls per hour helps to keep kids from becoming a slave to the app. 

Most of the polls are appropriate, but some are better suited for more mature users. Inappropriate polls on tbh include: 

  • Super-Hot Sauce
  • Deserves a Kiss
  • Have My Children

There are no fill-in-the-blank or direct messaging options in this app, which makes the app safer because it reduces the possibility for mean comments and cyberbullying. 

Unlike other anonymous feedback apps, tbh is well-intention and meant to make users feel better about themselves, not worse.

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  • Joe R.

    i dont really like anonymous apps for my teen, but this one is pretty much okay because you cant write-in anything