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Note: This app is no longer available in the App Store or the Google Play Store. The TBH app is an anonymous social media app, that allows teens to use their phone contact lists to send positive compliments to friends. TBH is available for iOS devices, and is rated for users 12 years and older and is safe for teens.

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What is tbh­?

Note: This app is no longer available in the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Short for “to be honest”, the TBH app is the shining star of anonymous social media apps. While many anonymous apps are linked to cyberbullying, the TBH app is meant to boost teen self-confidence through cyber-complimenting.


An anonymous social media app, TBH allows teens to use their phone contact lists to send positive compliments to friends without them knowing who’s sent them. Free to download, TBH is currently only available for iOS, and is rated for users 12 years and older.

TBH developers worked backwards from the content they wanted to see on their app, all dealing with positivity and kindness. The thought is that users can open the app and see all of their strengths, as their friends see them and in-turn feel a pick-me-up or self-esteem boost.

TBH seems to be the current answer to all of the negativity that teen's experience in social media.


When users download and open the TBH app, they’re prompted to allow access to their phone’s contacts. However, TBH does not use those contacts for anything other than app use nor do they use those contacts to solicit the app.


Once contacts are uploaded, users can then begin answering TBH questions, which the app limits to 12 per hour. Questions such as Best to bring to a party?, Could see becoming a poet?, or Most likely to be on SNL? are posted at the top of the screen, with 4 randomly selected friend/ contact names listed beneath.


Users answer the TBH questions by tapping on the name they feel best fits or answers the question, with complete anonymity, and then those selected users are notified (and receive gems).


Because the TBH app is completely anonymous, users are more free with expressing positive opinions about their network of friends.


Users’ compliments are saved within the app indefinitely, so that they can refer back to it when they need positive reinforcement. With each compliment received a user earns a gem, a currency that may be used, should TBH become monetized in the future.


Monetization is definitely a possibility as the app was acquired by Facebook and currently boasts over two million daily users in addition to being the #1 free iOS app, ahead of even Facebook and Instagram.

Is tbh­ safe for my kids?

Parents should know that TBH is changing the way anonymous social apps function for the positive.

With studies linking growing rates of depression and suicidal thoughts among teens to social media, the TBH app is a breath of fresh air.

TBH developers found that open text was one of the main ways anonymous apps allowed users to cyberbully others so they did away with text input. Instead, users respond to pre-filled questions by tapping one of four randomly available friend names.

While rated for users 12 years and older, TBH is better suited to those teens 14 and up, as the app does feature mildly suggestive questions. All-in-all, TBH is a bright spot in the social media world, and this popular app is safe for teens.

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