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About Tapatalk - 100,000+ Forums
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What is Tapatalk - 100,000+ Forums?

Tapatalk is an app made solely for the purpose forum viewing and interaction, that allows users to access multiple platforms at the same time - it’s a one stop forum browser. 

As many chat forums do not have mobile-friendly interfaces, Tapatalk streamlines forum memberships and puts them into a single, accessible format. Tapatalk users are able to view and respond to their forum threads, much like they would on their desktop computers.

The Tapatalk app provides a single access point, with mobile capabilities, for avid forum or blog users to stay on top of conversation threads remotely. 

Once users download Tapatalk, they simply navigate to the Accounts tab, search for their favorite forums from the list, and then tap to connect; users will be prompted to enter their login credentials. Once logged in, Tapatalk will bring over all the threads a user has subscribed to in that forum, including private messages. 

Pro users have the same functionality as accessing forums from their desktop; to quote or reply, simply tap on the post to access a quote box, and tap again to open a user entry field. If a user wishes to edit their post, they simply tap on the post and select the edit option.

The Tapatalk app’s interface is intuitive to use, and set up to quickly and efficiently help users stay on top of chats in their favorite forums. The Notifications tab shows messages, as well as all of the accounts users are signed into, while the History tab shows a list of the forums users have visited recently. 

If users are looking for specific topics, they may browse Tapatalk by category to find a forum that will answer their question, or provide further conversation about a specific topic. Tapatalk also shows those forums that are trending in popularity, for those users looking to check out new sites.

Is Tapatalk - 100,000+ Forums safe for my kids?

Parents should know that Tapatalk is an app that provides a single interface to access multiple platforms. 

Most children using Tapatalk will already be members of chat forums, so parents will have likely already screened those forums for content issues. However, it’s important to note that Tapatalk makes it easy for users to explore and find new forums for dedicated topics, so there is a strong possibility that children may stumble upon inappropriate content.

Because of the diverse number of forums able to be accessed through the app, users must be 17 years or older to download and use Tapatalk.

Parents should be aware that Tapatalk features ads within the platform, which can be removed by subscribing to a VIP membership, with a $.99 monthly cost. Members who purchased or paid for Tapatalk when it first released are eligible to convert to a VIP account.

Tapatalk is an app parents may want to monitor, as their children may be venturing into adult forums or come across content that’s inappropriate for their age. 

Parents should remember that Tapatalk is limited to users 17 years or older, so a minor under that age is technically violating the terms of service for the app; this is an app with an appropriate age limit.

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