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An interactive reading app that focuses on scary and suspenseful stories, Tap by Wattpad allows readers to help solve mysteries and determine the end of the books they are reading. It can be downloaded for free from iTunes and Google Play but offers in-app purchases. It should be used by individuals aged 16 or older.

About Tap by Wattpad
In-App Purchases

What is Tap by Wattpad?

Tap by Wattpad is an interactive reading app that allows users to help solve mysteries and determine the ends of stories.


It can be downloaded for free from both iTunes and Google Play but does eventually require in-app purchases in order to continue being a user. Due to its mature themes and interactive nature, it should only be used by teens aged 16 and older.


Similar to the original Wattpad app, once users download the app and create an account, they can start browsing through stories based on subjects and keywords. After they begin reading the story, they will be presented with a variety of interactive features, including having access to text messages, phone calls, and videos.


By mixing traditional reading with other elements, such as social media and videos, Tap by Wattpad allows users to watch the story realistically unfold and make decisions that influence the story’s resolution.


Once a user has become familiar with the app and its types of stories, they can then begin creating their own works and sharing them with the Tap by Wattpad community.


Although the app can be downloaded for free in order to access a free trial, users must eventually pay to upgrade to a premium account to continue accessing stories.


The app has approximately a 4 out of 5 star rating, and some users have stated that they have difficulties switching to a new story once they have finished the previous one.

Is Tap by Wattpad safe for my kids?

Due to the fact that Tap by Wattpad contains many mature themes and interactive features, it should only be used by mature individuals aged 16+. However, the app currently has an age verification feature in place that simply requires users to be a minimum of 13 years old.

Parents should know that many of the stories contain mature topics that are not appropriate for young children, including references to violence, alcohol, drugs, suggestive themes, nudity, and fear. If you do not think that your child is mature enough to have access to these themes, they should most likely not be using the app.

Additionally, Tap by Wattpad allows users to message each other. While the intention of this is for members to discuss their stories, there is no way to prevent it from becoming inappropriate, thus creating the possibility of your child coming into contact with an Internet predator.

It must be noted that while the app does not have access to a user’s location, it does require substantial amounts of other information, such as access to a member’s contacts, camera, phone data, and more.

Finally, Tap by Wattpad allows in-app purchases, something that many parents might not be comfortable with their child making. If this is the case, simply disable in-app purchases in their phone’s settings, or prevent them from using the app altogether.

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