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About HOOKED - Chat Stories
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What is HOOKED - Chat Stories?

Hooked - Chat Stories is a reading app offering short, readable stories for quick thrills and entertainment.

Hooked stories are short, fictional works stories presented in text message format. Users create, share, and read each others' stories, often trying to outdo each other with mature content to keep readers’ attention.

Users can read a set number of stories per day, or subscribe for weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals of unlimited access to all stories on the platform. Signing in with their Facebook accounts will enable them to contribute their own stories, or comment on other users' contributions.

Curious teens can search the app by keyword, or search available stories by category. Popular options include “Top Picks”, “Sci Fi”, “Horor”, and “Love”.

Hooked is the first product of Telepathic, a development house focused on developing and exploiting new narrative forms of mass-market fiction for users who grew up in an era of bit-sized content, meme, and social updates. The founder's previous projects include AutoRap and numerous viral video hits.

Is HOOKED - Chat Stories safe for my kids?

Hooked - Chat Stories is only appropriate for mature teens and is rated "T" for "Teen" by the ESRB due to sexual themes, violence, drug use, and mature situations.

There are no filters or moderators on Hooked, creating a text-driven story race to the bottom to create the most titillating content.

Parents should install a copy of the app themselves before allowing their teen to use this app, to judge for themselves whether the content meets with their expectations for what their children can and cannot access.

As an example, some popular titles on Hooked include "Our Little Secret", "Hot for Prof", and "Room Service".

Users are also able to comment on each other's content, and can often feature inappropriate language in their enthusiasm.

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HOOKED - Chat Stories Parent Rating

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    Reviews: 3

  • Kathryn S.

    Not all of the stories are appropriate for kids, so I don't let my middle schooler use it anymore.

  • Gary S.

    This app is good in theory, but why not just get a book from the library? And some of the stories are way too mature for kids

  • Reba L.

    It's not the easiest to use, but my 14 year old daughter likes it.