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About Stream - Live Video Community
In-App Purchases

What is Stream - Live Video Community?

Stream is a live video app that allows users to stream videos and browse other live streams from across the globe. Created with real time social networking in mind, Stream is used for both personal and professional purposes. 

Users post everything from live sports or musical performances to functioning as a citizen reporting outlet for breaking news situations.

Streams are categorized by popularity and location, so that users can search for live videos of interest. Users can scroll through thee homepage feed or their personal feed that only includes videos posted by their friends and channels that they subscribe to.

This app is socially focused. Users can connect with friends from their contacts, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. Stream is a multi-platform service, giving users the ability to live stream video directly to multiple social media platforms, as well as in the app itself. 

They also have the option of recording their live stream and saving to their phone for later use. Saved live streams can be sent via email and text message from the Stream app.

Stream members also have the ability to monetize their live videos and receive tips from viewers. Screencasting is popular among gamers, who often stream game play and are able monetize their content.

To live stream, users click on the camera icon and select “Live”. Stream will suggest the best photo position to stream, portrait or landscape, and prompt users to add a title to their stream. 

Users have the option to send a notification to “tell friends” on Facebook or Twitter that they are now streaming. Users can indicate their location, rotate their camera angle, choose whether to save stream to their phone, and stream to Twitter or Facebook.

Is Stream - Live Video Community safe for my kids?

Stream is not safe for kids or young teens. The app requires its users to be 17 years or older to open a free account. Parents should be aware that the Stream app features in app purchases in the form of “stacks”.

Stacks range in price from $.99 to $99.99, and are the app’s form of currency. Users buy stacks to “tip” their favorite streamers, making this video model stand out from platforms like YouTube.

Parents will appreciate the fact that Stream allows users the choice of disclosing their location or not. Though the app does not disclose a user’s precise location, they can also choose not to reveal any location information.

Stream also offers the option for users to create private streams, perfect for families sharing live videos of personal events, such as sports games, concerts, first steps, and birthday celebrations.

Stream is known as a welcoming community and parents should know that content is moderated on the site. Any videos or comments violating the terms of use are pulled and users are banned.

Unfortunately, Stream moderators can’t catch everything, and the app store warns that users may encounter: mild sexual content or nudity, mild alcohol, tobacco and drug use or references, mature/suggestive themes, profanity, and crude humor.

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