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The Skout app serves as a local matchmaker, friend finder and chat messenger, for users that are new to an area or traveling abroad. Free to download and use, it is available for iOS and Android devices.  Skout is rated for users 17 years and older and does offer in-app purchases. This app can be safe for older, mature teens.

About Skout — Meet New People
In-App Purchases

What is Skout — Meet New People?

The Skout app serves as a local matchmaker, friend finder and chat messenger, for users that are new to an area, traveling abroad, or simply looking to meet people nearby.

Free to download and use, the Skout app is available for iOS and Android devices.  It is rated for users 17 years and older and does offer in-app purchases.

Skout feels familiar to users because of its format is similar to Facebook’s feed, on which users can scroll to check out the latest posts.

“At Skout, we're all about preserving the magic of unexpected meetings that lead to discovering new people.” 

Skout is a social network for matching and meeting strangers. The app was created with a community-building mindset but is mostly used as a dating app instead of as a place to meet new friends.

There are several ways for Skout users to search other users within the app. They can scroll through the news feed called “Buzz”, which features local updates. Skout users can also scroll through a grid-like collection of member photos, select those of interest and direct chat with whoever posted the picture. 

One feature unique to Skout is the “Shake” feature, where users shake their phone to receive a randomly selected match to begin a chat. 

Is Skout — Meet New People safe for my kids?

Parents should be aware that the Skout app is rated for ages 17+, but many parents many not feel comfortable with their child using an app that for connecting users with virtual strangers. 

Skout is committed to safety, and has made the platform as safe as possible for minors to use. The app uses location services to provide local matches, but teen accounts show only an approximate location.

To avoid minors mingling with adults, Skout filters users into age ranges, so that children 17 and under are only matched with other minors’ profiles and users 18+ are matched with other adults. 

Parents may take issue with the fact that they cannot monitor their child’s activity and kids could create an adult profile and be placed in the adult group.

In terms of content, parents should know that Skout monitors posts for inappropriate or suggestive comments, and takes action to delete any posts that violate terms. There are always ways around this, so children may run into some more mature content. 

In an effort to eliminate sexting, Skout does not allow teens to post photos in private chats.

Parents should know that Skout is free to use, and does display ads, although the premium version is available for purchase, which removes ads from those users’ displays. 

Other premium features in the app require users to cash in points, which can be earned or purchased.For example, users are unable to see who’s liked or viewed their profiles, unless they cash in points. 

Points can be earned by building their profile and actively participating in the Skout community, such as posting photos, logging in daily and downloading apps from advertisers. 

Users can also opt to purchase points, instead of completing activities. Additional in-app purchases come in the form of stickers, emojis and emoticons for use in posting and messaging within the app.

The Skout app is only safe for mature and trusted teens.

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