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Pocket is a free app, available in the Google Play store and the iTunes app store, that lets users store interesting articles, videos, and links to return to and share later. Users can save stories to read offline, discover new content, and recommend stories to their friends. This app is rated for all ages and is safe for kids.

About Pocket

What is Pocket?

Pocket is a productivity app where users can store and save articles, videos, and other interesting content, and also discover new content. The app is synced across all devices, so users can save and access stories from their phone, laptops, or tablets.


The presentation is clean, fresh, and organized. One great feature is offline access, so users can read the stories they saved when internet connection is shoddy or non-existent.


Pocket connects to social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, so users can save links they find and share stories with their friends. The app also connects with other services, like internet browsers and email, so users can store links and articles found while surfing the web or reading emails.


Pocket allows users to tag stories to keep organized and highlight passages from the articles. Also included is a discovery feature, in which the app offers personalized story and content recommendations based on the user’s interests and tastes.


Pocket is rated for users of all ages, and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes app store and Google Play store, with the option of upgrading to premium for a monthly subscription cost of $4.99 or a yearly cost of $44.99. The Premium version offers an ad-free experience with a number of additional features to improve the user experience. The app comes highly reviewed, scoring a 4.8 out of 5 in the iTunes app store review section. 

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Is Pocket safe for my kids?

The Pocket app is safe for kids, but the platforms which it connects to may not be safe for younger children. Pocket simply provides storage for stories the user wishes to save, and offers recommendations for more stories to read, which is not inherently unsafe for kids.

What might worry parents is the apps it connects to, such as Facebook and Twitter, which come with a number of concerns all their own. These social media platforms are not essential to Pocket, and users can simply save articles they find online for later reading.

Parents may also worry about the presence of in-app purchases, which can lead to unexpected expenses on their credit cards. The Premium version is not necessary, but it does provide enticing features, such as freedom from pesky ads.

Parents should discuss the ground rules for making purchases within apps. The app is aimed toward older users who take the time to read the news and other current articles that they may want to return to at a later time, and it is unlikely that kids that are too young to use the app would even have a desire to do so.

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