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Private Photo Vault is an app designed to mask and hide personal photos on a user’s mobile device. By requiring a personal identification number (PIN), this app keeps photos and videos private. This app  is free to download and use, has advertisements and in-app purchases, and is rated for users 17 years of age and older.

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What is Reddit?

In addition to locking private photos and requiring a PIN to open the app, the Private Photo Vault app features break-in reporting. Should someone attempt to open the app without the correct PIN, Private Photo Vault takes a photograph with the mobile device and makes note of their location (via GPS).


Private Photo Vault also features a private web browser within the app, so that internet browsing information is not stored on the device. In addition to secret web browsing, Private Photo Vault users have the ability to download photos found online, directly into a password protected album. It’s important to note that users may set PINs to lock both the Private Photo Vault app and individual albums created within the app, which provides two layers of security to protect personal photos and videos.


Those users who wish to have access to additional features and have an ad-free interface can opt to pay $3.99 to upgrade their account. An older version of the app had a membership plan, in which those members have been grandfathered into this version, and are able to use the app without being served advertisements.


It’s important to note that many users have complained about photos being lost with this app, either disappearing or not transferring after getting a new phone, resulting in unrecoverable images and videos. Another common user complaint is the inability to transfer photo files from the app back onto a mobile device. Users have also complained that the Android interface does not function as well as iOS, and have reported many additional bugs with this version.

Is Reddit safe for my kids?

The Private Photo Vault app is designed to password-protect photos, videos and GIFs, so that they are not easily accessed if a user’s mobile device winds up in the wrong hands. Parents need to know that "vault apps" are password-protected apps, designed to conceal items on mobile devices. This app is not safe for kids to use.

This issue with Private Photo Vault is that it is an app that can promote secretive behavior, and parents should question their child’s motives, should they find this app on their phone. This is definitely an app parents want to keep an eye out for, as the prevalence of sexting among teens continues to rise, and being caught with inappropriate photos of minors can have devastating consequences.

The Private Photo Vault app is available for free to download and use, but parents should know that the app does feature in-app purchases.

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