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PicSay Pro is a photo editing app that helps users create fun, and often hilarious, edits to their pictures. PicSay Pro is only available for Android devices and costs $3.99 to download in the Google Play store. This app is rated for teen users and does not feature any additional in-app purchases or advertisements.

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What is Nintendo Switch Parental Cont…?

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then PicSay Pro is the app to do it. An easy photo editing app for Android devices, PicSay Pro helps users turn boring photos into works of art.


When users first download and open the PicSay Pro app, they’ll be prompted to choose an image to edit. Users can choose photos from their device’s image gallery, use their device’s camera to take a photo directly in the PicSay Pro app, import an image from a file, or start with a blank, white canvas. Once users choose their option, they’ll be prompted to input the size of the creation they wish to make, in addition to the color of background they wish to feature behind their image.


With the user’s canvas created, the next step is to select the effect(s) they wish to use to edit or embellish their image. Simple editing effects include Paint, which allows users to draw directly on their image or canvas, Insert Picture, which adds an additional picture to the frame, and Pop Color, which enhances the existing image. The Insert Picture feature in PicSay Pro possesses a surprising amount of functionality for an app, allowing users to edit and crop the images they wish to inlay, and adjust the transparency to create the desired effect; it’s an editor within and editor.


Using the Cut Out feature helps users create PhotoShop-type quality images, removing unwanted image areas to better fit an image with the desired effect; zooming-in lets users cut out their desired portion of the image at the pixel level for a clean edit. Additional features allow users to add realistic shadowing to their photo creations; again, the level of detail in PicSay Pro is impressive.


To play with the image itself, PicSay Pro offers a range of effects to distort the photograph users are working with. Distortion effects include: Spherize, Twirl, Bulge & Pinch, Circle Splash, Stretch, Vertical Stretch, and Horizontal Stretch, among others. Users lacking the patient of precise cropping and editing can utilize the Add Sticker feature to quickly create a fun photo.


PicSay Pro offers a wide range of stickers, including Word Balloon, Title (text overlay), Hats & Helmets, Eyes & Eyewear, Hair, Halloween, Romance, Celebrations, Basic Shapes, and Signs & Symbols. The word bubble feature is likely what PicSay Pro is most known for, allowing users to create gag photos with realistic cartoon word balloons. Those simply looking for photo filtering effects won’t be disappointed, as PicSay Pro offers a range of photo filters and other photo editing effects, such as contrast and brightness.

Is Nintendo Switch Parental Cont… safe for my kids?

Because of the range of mature sticker art and overlays in PicSay Pro, this app is not safe for young kids without supervision. Parents of teens, however, should not have any issues allowing their kids to use the PicSay Pro app for on-the-go photo editing.

For the download cost of $3.99, PicSay Pro offers a robust set of editing tools that are easy to use and look like PhotoShop edits (without the huge learning curve).

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