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About Joyland- Early Learning Games
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What is Joyland- Early Learning Games?

Joyland is an educational gaming platform with thousands of activities and games for children age twelve and under.

The games are built around Common Core State Standards and are designed to teach both academic and real-world knowledge, from language arts to common social interactions. Joyland features over one thousand puzzle and flash card games, geography lessons, and problem solving games.

The seven free trial games included in Joyland cover puzzles, patterns, letter tracing, spelling, matching, alphabet and more. A dinosaur hospital helps kids learn what happens at different doctor offices like the pediatrician and dentist

Is Joyland- Early Learning Games safe for my kids?

Joyland is safe for kids, but parents may want to know that the full game is paid.

With the free app, users can play a few limited levels of the games to get a feel for the app. There is also a free trial of the full game and users will be charged after the trial period is over. Games can also be purchased on an individual basis.

Paid content is delivered bi-weekly, with new games added each month, and users can cancel at any time. Joyland content is accessible to subscribers from any logged-in Apple device.

Parents will want to disable purchases before kids play with the Joyland app. Joyland is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program, an independent safety certification program which evaluates children's games and applications for privacy and security.

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