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About Inspiration Maps VPP
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What is Inspiration Maps VPP?

Inspiration Maps is a brainstorming and executive function support app which allows users to build diagrams and graphic organizers. Users can add a variety of elements, such as images from a local library or from online sources. 

Students can select a built-in template or create their own, allowing them to write, take notes, plan and customize their maps. 

Inspiration Maps can also convert outlines into diagrams and vice versa. Inspiration Maps is recommended by the International Dyslexia Association and has been studied as a learning support tool for decades. 

Is Inspiration Maps VPP safe for my kids?

Inspiration Maps is safe for children. This is a great app for visual learners, especially those new to or particularly responsive to "mind mapping" activities. It is a safe and effective app for developing creative skills, supporting executive function, and developing the skills to convey complex, interrelated concepts in a clear and organized way. 

The Inspiration Maps app provides a flexible platform for representing ideas, priorities, and concepts, which can improve performance in a number of areas, especially communication and expression. 

The app been field tested for years in classrooms and supportive learning environments. Visual learning and organization strategies increase academic performance and executive function in children with a range of personality types or learning disabilities.

Inspiration maps has proven a viable support tool for individuals with: 

  • ADHD
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Dyslexia
  • Visual or auditory processing difficulties 

While the app offers a free version, it is limited to up to five maps and with no sharing or distribution functionality. The paid version has no cap and enables social or cloud storage sharing of projects. The full app costs $9.99 and is available for iOS and desktop computers. Your child will need, or need access to, cloud storage and social networks in order to use these functions of the app.

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