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About GOTit - Social shopping
In-App Purchases

What is GOTit - Social shopping?

GOTit is a shopping app that combines social networking with commerce. Free to download, GOTit is a platform for users to share photos of their purchases with friends, or post photos of items on their “wish list”. 

The social shopping aspect of GOTit is what sets it apart from other apps, as it allows users to connect with their other social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to set and spot trends in real time. 

Users can share about hot new restaurants, a business or service they like, as well as fashion items they’ve discovered.

Users can go to their home page to scroll through special offers, or click on the “Explore” icon to view a rotating gallery of special offers from brands, the most wanted items of the day, discover people to follow, browse featured stores and select categories to view. 

Preset categories include, Recommended, Women’s, Men’s, Gadgets, Home, Kids and Plus Size.

Within categories, users can sort and filter the items that appear in their feed, with options such as Most Wanted, Most GOTit, Category, Size/Color and Price. 

When a user sees an item he or she is interested in purchasing, they simply tap the “Buy it” option beneath the photo, and select size and shipping options to add to cart; users must use a credit card or PayPal account to purchase items through the app. 

Users are also able to like and save items to their own lists, as well as add comments beneath the item, similar to other shopping apps.

Is GOTit - Social shopping safe for my kids?

GOTit is safe for mature teens who can be trusted with money, or with parental supervision. Parents should be aware that GOTit is an app that revolves around consumerism

The app is rated for everyone, but will likely appeal more to those users, ages 13+, who are already using at least one major social media platform, because the app's content is meant to be shared socially.

Under the settings menu, users can find people to follow, invite people new users, and select whether to send their feed to their Facebook page. 

Users have to ability to send direct messages with this app, however users can select whether or not they will accept private messages. 

If parents allow their child to use the GOTit app, they can have their children turn off the private messaging feature. Additionally, within the app, there is an option to report inappropriate comments.

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GOTit - Social shopping Parent Rating

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  • Heather J.

    My teen uses this to online shop, she likes it a lot but we make sure she always asks before ordering.