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About Birchbox
In-App Purchases

What is Birchbox?

The Birchbox app allows customers to experience the convenience of navigating the popular subscription box site while on-the-go. The popular beauty subscription box app allows users to check into their account, review products and customize their monthly box conveniently. 

Not only can users track and personalize their monthly box, they can shop for full-size versions of their samples in the marketplace. The Birchbox app is free to download.

Birchbox began as a monthly subscription box, featuring health and beauty items for women, but have expanded to include selections for men, an ecommerce site and retail outlets. Each month, subscribers are sent sample products that are specifically curated based upon the profile they fill out. 

The boxes are personalized by user box history, purchase behavior, gender and subscription type. Subscribers can also take a look at upcoming products, and take advantage of the Sample Choice feature. 

The Sample Choice program allows subscribers to choose one of the samples in their monthly box from a preset set of samples; if a subscriber chooses a sample, the remainder of their box will contain curated samples based upon their profile. 

Users may also choose a curated box, which is the monthly featured box, which will override their personalized box. The Birchbox app makes it easy for subscribers to check in and make their monthly selections.

Since its inception, Birchbox has now branched out into two subscription box types: the Beauty Box and Birchbox Man. The Beauty Box is the original Birchbox, and costs $10 per month, or $110 per year. Birchbox Man is significantly more expensive, at $20 per month and $100 for a six-month subscription; subscription costs include shipping and handling. 

Those opting for a monthly subscription have the option of canceling their subscription at any time, but those who have signed on for an extended 3, 6, or 12-month subscription are unable to cancel until their subscription period is completed.

Is Birchbox safe for my kids?

Parents should be aware that the Birchbox app is built entirely around consumerism and provides multiple ways to purchase items in-app. While Birchbox is relatively safe for kids, it's best suited for mature and responsible teens.

The app is the mobile version of their website, which offers a marketplace where users can shop for everything from health and beauty items to “Lifestyle Accessories,” which include everything from headphones to journals.

Parents should know that the Birchbox app uses location data to further customize the customer experience, so users can expect to receive push notifications when they’re near one of Birchbox’s retail stores. 

The amount of data used to personalize Birchbox subscribers’ experiences can be creepy, as there is the possibility of users receiving push notifications and product suggestions based upon the weather where they’re located.

Parents should be aware that Birchbox has a Loyalty Program, in which customers receive Loyalty Points equal to the dollar amount of purchases they make. 

Members are also able to receive loyalty points for friend referrals, an added incentive for word-of-mouth marketing. Loyalty Points can then be used to receive money off of future purchases. 

Birchbox also offers a VIP tier of their Loyalty Program, providing even more perks and special offers to those who spend a great deal through the app or on the site. Parents should discuss spending expectations with their children prior to downloading and registering the Birchbox app.

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