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About GoNoodle Kids Dancing
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What is GoNoodle Kids Dancing?

GoNoodle Kids Dancing is an app designed to get kids moving and to reinforce awareness of the positive effects of exercise. 

The app is comprised of a collection of videos, intended to inspire kids to move and groove, featuring a variety of healthy physical activities from dance routines to yoga.

GoNoodle videos are a mix of unique offerings and curated third-party content.

GoNoodle Kids was created to support safety and developmental well-being of kids, so it is designed to be simple and engaging for younger users.

Typical GoNoodle app activities include:

  • Bodyspell: students reinforce spelling study by rhythmically forming letters with their bodies, either from a list of commonly-used words or customized selections to support classroom activities.
  • Mega Math Marathon: Study and practice core mathematical concepts while running a 26.3k marathon over the course of the academic year.
  • Montana James and Word Jam: Explore ELA topics and practice specific competencies while reinforcing learning with physical movement.

The app can be purchased for individual user for $10 per month, or $1,500 dollars for a school-wide license.

GoNoodle is of proven value as an academic support tool, both individually and as part of a system of classroom instruction. 

State test scores measure a 23% growth in students who incorporate GoNoodle into their daily routine, compared to a control group without the application, and a similar correlation between a 50% improvement in SAT 10 math scores in a study of approximately six hundred fourth- and fifth-grade GoNoodle users.

Is GoNoodle Kids Dancing safe for my kids?

Parents can rest assured that GoNoodle Kids was designed from the ground up to be safe for children of all ages

Kids create a username and password, but they must use a parent’s email address to register and an adult is required to approve the account. 

There are workarounds to this, of course, but GoNoodle content is completely free of inappropriate or adult themes and the app is explicitly geared towards younger children.

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