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About Facebook Local
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What is Facebook Local?

Formerly Facebook Events, Facebook Local is the re-branded version of the popular app, allowing users to access information about permanent restaurants and businesses, in addition to local goings-on. The Facebook Local app is free to download and use, does not feature any in-app advertisements or purchases, and is limited to users ages 13 years and older.


Once users download the free app, they’re prompted to use their Facebook login, or change user, and then Facebook Local asks for permissions. The Facebook Local app will ask for permission to send notifications, to keep you posted about local events and nearby friends.


In order for the Facebook Local app to function properly, users will need to allow access to location data. After allowing access to location data, users will then be asked to input the city in which they wish to see friend activity.


Similar to the Google Maps app, Facebook Local provides a preset menus of categories for users to search, including restaurants, cafes, drinks, attractions, nearby, friends, or keyword search. In order to supply information, Facebook Local pulls information from over 70 million Facebook business pages, user check-ins and user reviews.


Yelp users will be familiar with having easy access to this type of information, Facebook’s just pulling it from its own databases.


In all likelihood, Facebook Local is simply another product intended to keep users from leaving the platform for other products, as the offerings are pretty similar. Users looking for things to do over the weekend, can check out a list of local events, or look ahead by using the calendar to pinpoint specific dates.


A "Guides" tab is a categorized listing of suggested events in the area, from arts and culture to special causes and fundraisers. Trending events are listed under the "For You" tab, and include those events that are being talked about by people on a users Facebook friend list.


Users that are traveling will find Facebook Local’s map view, which shows a map of the surrounding area, with each of the area events market on the map with numbered bullets. A blue dot marks the user’s location, while red numbered dots show the map view of area events in proximity to user location.


A simple tap on a numbered bullet brings up the event title with basic information, and users are able to tap to drill into that events Facebook Event listing.

Is Facebook Local safe for my kids?

Parents should know that the Facebook Local app is a re-branded and revamped version of their Facebook Events app, which expands coverage to static businesses, in addition to events. Facebook Local users must have a Facebook account, in order to gather information, and parents should be aware that the Facebook Local app requires users to be ages 13 years and older

Parents should also be aware that Facebook Local uses location data from a user’s mobile device, in order to receive information about local businesses and events, in addition to nearby friends’ activities.

Facebook Local can definitely be helpful in finding area things to do, seeing recommended businesses and attractions by friends, or simply discovering what businesses are around when traveling to a new area.

There’s nothing for parents to worry about with the Facebook Local app, unless device storage is an issue, since Facebook Local doesn’t provide much more than what Google Maps and Yelp already do. Since users need to have a Facebook account to utilize this app, it's best suited for teens.

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