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About Endless Reader
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What is Endless Reader?

Endless Reader is an animated educational game for teaching sight words to children six years of age and younger. 

Preschool kids will love the cuddly monsters and animated sight words, which act out there definitions in order to increase engagement and retention of common sight words.


The Endless Reader app also uses interactive puzzles to underscore the definition and usage of words.

Endless Reader is a follow-up app to Endless Alphabet, which used a similar format to teach phonics and vocabulary. Endless Alphabet was arguably the more effective of the two apps, however, as the Endless Reader app can confuse kids by mixing phonics and sight word instruction. 

Sight words are often taught that way because sounding them out letter by letter doesn't work; the word “Taught”, for example, can't be sounded out letter by letter without needlessly confusing the preschoolers this app is designed for.

This app is also a fairly expensive way to teach sight words. While the animations are no doubt expensive to produce, the pricing on this app simply isn't competitive. The free version only contains six words, with expansion packs of twenty words each available for $4.99.

Is Endless Reader safe for my kids?

Endless Reader is safe for preschool children, who will find the animations delightful and engaging. They will quickly tire of the free version, however, and sight word expansion packs for this app are expensive.

There are possibly more effective and affordable mobile apps for teaching sight words to preschoolers.

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