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A restaurant and delivery finding app that allows users to post reviews, Yelp is meant to help individuals browse through new stores and dining options. It is available for free download from iTunes and Google Play but does not offer in-app purchases. It is safe for individuals aged 18 and older.

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What is Yelp: Food, Shopping, Services?

Yelp is a review app that allows users to write their own reviews for companies, browse through the companies’ previously written reviews, and find information for new restaurants and stores. It can be downloaded for free from iTunes and Google Play but does not currently offer in-app purchases. Due to its interactive nature and the potential for mature themes, it should only be used by adults aged 18+.


Once the app is downloaded and users have created their account, they can either search for a specific establishment to learn more information or leave a review, or discover new stores and restaurants by browsing via city and keyword.


When looking at a company’s page, users can see photos uploaded by both the owner and clientele, practical information such as store hours and the address, and all previously written reviews.


If you are specifically looking at restaurants, you will also have the option to make a reservation or a take-out order. Some companies even offer special discounts if you place your order through Yelp.


Search filters allow users to browse for companies based off of rating, price, distance from their location, type of company, and more. This allows members to find a variety of stores, including restaurants, beauty shops, and car repair centers.


The app currently has almost 1 million users and generally receives positive reviews.

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Is Yelp: Food, Shopping, Services safe for my kids?

Due to its interactive nature and potential for mature themes, Yelp is not recommended for kids should only be used by adults aged 18 and up. However, there is currently no age verification process in place to either download the app or create an account.

Parents should know that with this app, users are able to private message each other and interact publicly by responding to each other’s reviews and comments on business pages. This creates the possibility of a child coming into contact with online strangers or having an inappropriate conversation with another member.

Although the app does have content restrictions regarding reviews, such as a ban against hate speech and excessive profanity, this does not mean that it is impossible for comments to contain mature themes, like alcohol, drugs, or crude humor.

While Yelp does not offer actual in-app purchases, it is possible to use the app to make food orders via restaurants. If you do not wish for your child to be able to do this, make sure that they do not have any payment information on hand.

Finally, Yelp does require a substantial amount of personal information from members in order to use the app, such as an individual’s location, access to their contacts, and access to their camera and microphone. If you do not want an app to have this much data regarding your child, it may be best to prevent your child from using Yelp altogether.

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