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About Despicable Bear - Top Games
In-App Purchases

What is Despicable Bear - Top Games?

Despicable Bear is a gaming app that allows players to beat a teddy bear to oblivion. Touted as a stress-relieving game, Despicable Bear is a ragdoll figure that players - with their choice of weapon - inflict abuse upon until knocking out (or exploding and killing).

Available only for iOS devices, users can download the app for free in the App Store.

Coins are the currency of the game, and are used to acquire new weapons, which includes items such as a police baton, mace, bow, buzzsaw, beretta, AK47, flamethrower, bazooka, tazer, grenade, fuel tank, land mine, molotov cocktail, and even natural disasters, such as a tornado. 

You name it, they’ve got it for players to inflict pain, torture and abuse upon the ragdoll Despicable Bear.

As a round begins, Despicable Bear alternates between tossing out taunts and throwing verbal jabs - “You are terrible,” “You hit like my granny” -  with calls for a medic sprinkled throughout, as well as grunting, groaning and shrieking when he gets hurt. 

As the round goes on, Despicable Bear shows signs of wear, with bruises, bandages and shredded clothing. Those players wishing for a more action-packed experience can pay to “Turn blood on,” where for $4.99, players can see bloodshed as a result of their torture.

In-app purchases feature throughout the Despicable Bear app, and players are able to load up on coins, gems and other sought after items, ranging in price from $.99 to $4.99. At the end of each fight, players are awarded coins, and daily play results in daily rewards, such as coins, gems, weapon upgrades and tickets to play Roulette (for even more rewards). 

Certain high-level weapons upgrades are offered free in exchange for watching ads, but they require a lot of ads to acquire; for example, acquiring a droid required players to watch 20 video advertisements. An ad-free version of the app is available for a one time cost of $1.99, and includes a bonus 2,000 coins and 100 gems.

Is Despicable Bear - Top Games safe for my kids?

Parents should know that the Despicable Bear app is only to be downloaded for users 17 years or older. The main character, Despicable Bear, opens the game with the line, “Hey, it’s time to hurt somebody,” after which players pummel, shoot, electrocute, taze, bomb and whip, among many other methods of inflicting pain and injury. 

In short, the app is not appropriate for kids of any age

From the developers:

Ever wanted to beat up a bear and live to tell the tale? Now’s your chance. Complete with ragdoll physics and loads and loads of weapons for you to choose from. Your new Voodoo doll you can abuse and relieve your stress levels. Awesome rag-doll physics and loads of weapons at your disposal!

Parents, this isn’t an app appropriate for kids or teens, no matter how mature they are. 

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Despicable Bear - Top Games Parent Rating

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    Reviews: 2

  • Heather J.

    this game is too violent for my family

  • Sheila J.

    My son was playing this, but when I saw him beating up a bear I made him uninstall it.