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About Goblin Sword
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What is Goblin Sword?

Goblin Sword is a retro-inspired platformer gaming app with elements of role playing games (RPG) and plenty of action. 

Gaming enthusiasts will appreciate the Zelda-like feel of Goblin Sword, as they make their way through 89 levels with 24 different weapon options available. 

The Goblin Sword app is available to download on iOS for $1.99, and players can enjoy game play without advertisements or pushes for in-app purchases; there aren’t any.

Coins are the currency in Goblin Sword, but unlike many other app-based games, players must earn them, instead of purchasing them. 

Much like Super Mario, players collect coins as they navigate through the platforms, jumping over obstacles and defeating villains. Players can then use their coins to upgrade their armor, a necessary element of Goblin Sword, as the levels become increasingly more difficult, with tougher opponents as they progress. 

Out of coins and need a better weapon for a higher level? Simply return to a lower level and complete to collect the number of coins needed for a weapon or armor purchase.

Goblin Sword players navigate through 89 levels of increasing difficulty, and can access an additional 5 secret levels of extreme difficulty, while collecting and choosing from one of 24 weapons to battle; each weapon holds a special attack that will perform better when paired against specific enemies throughout the game.

It’s not all work, defeating enemies and collecting coins through 89 levels, as Goblin Sword features additional fun elements for players. 

Players can choose to decorate their homes with souvenirs or relics they collect along the way. To navigate Goblin Sword, players use pairings of four buttons they tap - left and right, jump and slash - so game play is incredibly simple. 

Players also have the ability to customize the appearance and placement of control buttons on their screens.

Is Goblin Sword safe for my kids?

Goblin Sword is an action-packed platformer game and even though it features some cartoon violence, it is relatively safe for kids

While players do attack evil monsters they encounter (or are attacked by them), using weapons such as a diverse array of swords, all of the fighting is depicted with pixelated characters, without an ounce of gore.

Goblin Sword is rated for children ages 9 years or older, but due to the retro aspect of this game, there is likely a large proportion of adult players using the platform alongside kids. 

As Goblin Sword is a single player app, parents don't need to worry about their children communicating with other players.

Additionally, Goblin Sword features no in-app purchases, after the initial purchase for download, and no advertisements. 

Apart from a goal of fending off and fighting monsters as players navigate through the Goblin Sword world, the app’s content should cause no concern for most parents. Any fighting, violence or weapons depicted are cartoon in nature, and do not, in any way, resemble the real thing.

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