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About illi
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What is illi?

Illi is an arcade puzzle app, in which players must navigate an adorable caterpillar-like creature (illi) as it inches along obstacles. 

Illi defies all laws of gravity, or rather, creates its own rules of gravity, which adds an interesting level of difficulty to the puzzle. 

Illi is available to download for $1.99, and its adorable leading character and beautiful artwork add to what will be hours of enjoyment from navigating puzzles of differing levels of difficulty.

Illi’s backstory is that the adorable, fuzzy caterpillar-like creature is on a quest, traveling through portals to three barren worlds -- which serve as levels in the game -- to gather light (in the form of crystals) before all light disappears. 

Much like other gaming apps that feature a connected map that illustrates where a player is in the available levels, the illi app features connected circles, similar in appearance to a solar system (if viewed through alternate planes). And just as illi is able to bend time travel utilizing portals, the gravity in the worlds defies natural laws, adding an element of difficulty.

The illi app is an auto runner game that uses player taps to navigate through obstacles. Each playing level features block platforms suspended in space, with an objective; early levels start out easy, simply instructing players to navigate the blocks to collect crystals. 

Like navigating a maze on paper, players first examine the puzzle to determine the best way to make it through. As players progress, additional obstacles are included in each puzzle to add difficulty, such as only allowing one jump in navigating the puzzle, a time limit on proceeding through the obstacles, and/ or holding a jump for 1 second in mid-air.

Is illi safe for my kids?

Parents should know that the illi app is safe for kids and available to download for a one-time purchase of $1.99 in the App Store, but does not feature additional in-app purchase options. 

Special features and bonuses -- such as the ability for a player to skip an especially difficult level, or receiving a power-up to restore illi’s energy -- are received in exchange for watching ads, but players have the option to skip. It’s important to note that the illi app is only available for Apple devices at this time.

There is no need for parents to be concerned about content with the illi app, apart from ads, and they will likely want to try their hand at navigating the brain-busting puzzles. 

It’s no surprise that this sophisticated app has a story, which fills in the blanks about the dark artwork and the reason why players are even navigating illi amongst obstacles.

While some parents may not like the fact that the illi app features ads, encouraging players to watch by offering a reward, the overall look and feel of the game certainly overrides any concern. 

Not only are kids able to take in beautiful surreal artwork in the graphics, but they’re able to challenge their brains in solving puzzles of increasing difficulty.

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