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About Hungry Shark World
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What is Hungry Shark World?

Hungry Shark World is the sequel to Hungry Shark Evolution, an app in which players navigate a shark, with a seemingly endless appetite, throughout underwater worlds. 

Hungry Shark World features beefed-up graphics, a larger variety of available shark species and sizes, and four new ocean worlds to eat through and explore. Hungry Shark World is free to download and play, but features advertisements and in-app purchases.

While Hungry Shark World is free to download and play, parents should know that the app features advertisements and a range of in-app purchases. In-app purchases cost anywhere between $4.99 and $99.99, and consist of gem and gold purchases, which are the game’s currency.

Hungry Shark World is an enhanced iteration of the original game, Hungry Shark Evolution, featuring more options, accessories and upgrades. Gems and gold are the currency of the game, which can be cashed-in to upgrade a player’s shark (there are more than 17 species to choose from in 7 size tiers) add accessories, such as a buddy to help consume other fish and humans, as well as to add boosters to the game play. 

It should be noted that gems and gold are readily available to be collected throughout the game, and players should consult the map to direct them to treasure troves.

Featuring four new underwater worlds, including the Pacific Islands, Arctic Ocean, Arabian Sea and South China Sea, players can tap the bottom of their screen to access a map to help them navigate through the oceans. Treasure, missions and power-ups are listed on the map, making them easily accessible to adventurous players. 

The game map can also be used to trigger a super power-up and players who snap up all of the letters for H-U-N-G-R-Y (all listed on the map) receive a power-up that allows them to eat anything and everything in the game, land or sea.

Hungry Shark World adds in additional predators, when compared to Evolution, and players must successfully navigate the underwater worlds without being killed by hundreds of enemies and bosses. Another feature in Hungry Shark World are daily missions, in which players compete for a high score against all of the other players in the world, with the top 1% receiving a huge prize; for this, only scores are connected and compared, players can’t interact with other players on the platform.

Is Hungry Shark World safe for my kids?

Parents should know that Hungry Shark World is the shark attack sequel to Hungry Shark Evolution, with improved, console-quality graphics and a wider range of underwater worlds to explore. 

Like the first iteration of Hungry Shark, players navigate through an eat or be eaten world, feeding their shark virtually everything it encounters.

3D graphics mean that shark attacks are even more graphically depicted in Hungry Shark World, so parents should be aware that cartoon violence features throughout the game. When a player’s shark attacks another fish or animal (or human), blood blossoms in the water (or on land), and attacks against humans feature the victims’ screams.

With smoother controls for heightened game play, 3D console-quality graphics, and hundreds of additional options, it’s no surprise that Hungry Shark World was voted the #1 app on iPhone and iPad in over 100 countries. 

Because of fear/horror themes, in addition to depictions of cartoon and realistic violence, Hungry Shark World is rated for players 12 years or older and is not recommended for young kids. 

Parents should gauge their child’s maturity level to deem whether or not the Hungry Shark World app is appropriate to play.

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