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The Desmos Graphing Calculator app is an app that provides features beyond those of a regular calculator, allowing users to graph functions, create tables, and more. The app is free to download from both the iTunes app store and the Google Play Store. The Desmos Graphing Calculator is safe for kids, but best suited for teens.

About Desmos Graphing Calculator

What is Desmos Graphing Calculator?

The Desmos Graphing Calculator app is a graphing calculator for smartphones and tablets.


The app also includes a scientific calculator to solve equations, square roots, logs, and more. The graphing calculator provides users the ability to plot as many functions as they please on polar, Cartesian, or parametric graphs.


Built in sliders allow users to adjust function values right from the graph screen, helping to build intuition and understanding of the way the plot reacts to changes in values.


The Desmos Graphing Calculator also includes data tables and input-output tables for any function.


The statistics features of the app gives users the power to find lines of best-fit, parabolas, and more for a set of data points. With the calculus feature, users can graph derivatives, build secant and tangent lines, and more. Users can interact with the graph by touching points to show intersections, curve maximums, and curve minimums.


The whole app can function offline as well, so users do not need internet access to make use of the powerful features.


Desmos Graphing Calculator is free to download for both iOS and Android devices, available in the iTunes app store and the Google Play store. Reviewers enjoy the functionality and power of the graphing calculator and score it a 4.4 out of 5 in the iTunes review section. 

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Is Desmos Graphing Calculator safe for my kids?

The Desmos Graphing Calculator is safe for kids. It's best suited for teens, as younger kids will not need to use graphing calculators in general, and the features might confuse and frustrate them.

One concern with calculator apps in general is that kids often rely too heavily on the calculator and do not really learn the material. Parents may want to reinforce the value of learning the material and concepts without depending on the calculator.

Specifically, the Desmos Graphing Calculator app offers a few benefits. One benefit is the interactive slider feature, which can help students build an understanding of how certain plots react to changes in the values of the function. Another benefit is the ease of use of the Desmos Graphing Calculator.

Many graphing calculators can be complicated to use, but with its digital interface, the buttons and screens on this app can change according to the need of the specific problem, making the Desmos Graphing Calculator easier for kids to use.

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