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About Crackle - Free TV & Movies
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What is Crackle - Free TV & Movies?

The Crackle app allows users to stream thousands of movies and television shows for free from their mobile or media streaming device. 

As it’s a free video app, Crackle heavily features advertisements and presents viewing options in and easily navigated, no frills interface. Users familiar with video streaming services, such as Netflix or HBO Go, will be able to navigate through the Crackle app with ease.

As Crackle is a free service, many of the movies and television shows available for streaming are older or independently produced content (especially in the children and family section) and television series may feature some episodes, but rarely offer an entire season, unlike other television streaming services. 

In addition to dated media, Crackle does not offer the best viewing experience, with none of its offerings available in high definition for higher quality viewing. 

As with similar services, the content offerings rotate on Crackle, so users may begin watching a movie one day, and return the next to find that it has been removed from the media database.

A common user complaint is that Crackle does not allow users to search by title to locate a specific movie or television show. Instead, users must scroll through available titles until they locate one of interest (rather than heading to the app to quickly see if they offer a movie or show of interest for free).

Users familiar with other video streaming services - such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix - will immediately be familiar with the interface, however, those who haven't previously used a media streaming service will also find Crackle’s interface to be pretty intuitive. 

When users open the app, they’ll be on the Home page, which highlights featured content, the most popular movies being streamed at the time, and recently added titles. Users will also find genre categories on the Home page, and can easily tap on the category to view available selections. Some of the genre categories in Crackle include: anime, documentary, drama, fandom, sports, comedy, action, crime, Sci-Fi, horror and thrillers.

Is Crackle - Free TV & Movies safe for my kids?

It’s important for parents to know that the Crackle app requires that users be 17 years or older to download the streaming app. It is not recommended for kids.

Because the content on Crackle runs the gamut, from PG to R ratings, with no way of filtering or preventing young children from accessing adult content, it’s important for parents to monitor use of this app.

The movies on Crackle are heavily laden with ads with viewers being served at least a minute ad (or ads, as the service often plays multiple ads in a block) before users even begin watching.

Once viewers begin streaming a movie, they’ll also be exposed to ad play throughout the movie or television show, similar to watching on traditional cable television. However, those looking for a quick, free movie streaming experience likely won’t be bothered with ad play.

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