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What is Disney LOL?

Disney LOL is a social networking app for kids, with Disney-generated video loops, memes, GIFs and quizzes. 

Children swipe to browse through the thousands of Disney-themed items, which can be copied and pasted or saved to a device’s camera roll to share via text and email. 

The Disney LOL app is a social app with thousands of short bits and still photos to flip through and share with friends. 

Once the free app is downloaded, kids open the Disney LOL app to its home screen, which has a simple layout -- perfect for young users. Children simply tap the icon for one of nine categories: favorites, new, fun, fail, cute, food, weird, throwback and style. 

Once kids open a category, they swipe on their screen to scroll through media; one user complaint is that there is no thumbnail view, forcing users to swipe through everything in a category. To exit from a category and return to the main menu, users tap the Disney LOL logo at the top of the screen. 

Die hard fans of a specific character will enjoy the search feature, that allows users to search the platform for all content related to their favorite character.

Is Disney LOL safe for my kids?

Disney LOL pulls all of its social media content and dumps it into one, easily accessible app for Disney fans and young children to enjoy. Disney LOL is a veritable one-stop spot for all things social media - video clips or loops, GIFs, games, quizzes - with the Disney kid-safe content parents have come to appreciate.

The disconnect between content and the age children have access to texting and email, to be able to share the content, makes this app a toss-up.

While parents will be pleased with the family-friendly, G-rated Disney content, they may take issue with the sheer amount of ads, download offers and purchase possibilities featured throughout Disney LOL.

Set up similar to Vine (R.I.P.) and Snapchat, Disney LOL is meant to be a primer for social media, giving younger children a safe place to consume and share social content. Parents who wish to keep screen time to a minimum with their children will want to bypass the Disney LOL app, as it is truly a time suck.

The Disney LOL app is free, but users are subjected to ads in exchange for free content. Parents will appreciate the fact that Disney LOL has users input their age when they first log into the app, so the ads served are age-appropriate. 

Impatient kids may get frustrated by the fact that users are unable to click through ads.

Like most Disney apps, consumerism reigns supreme, so parents should be aware that the app offers in-app purchases, as well as downloads that will take users out of the app. 

However, Disney LOL is a great app for parents who wish to expose their children to the positive, fun side of social media, without content concerns. On the flip side, many parents may wish to forego the app in an effort to enforce more quality screen time with their children.

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