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The Google Chrome app is the mobile extension of the popular Chrome browser. Users can browse the internet using this functional, easy to use mobile browsing app. This app is available to download for free in iTunes and Google Play, is rated for users ages 17 and older and is only safe for kids with parental supervision.

About Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
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What is Google Chrome: Fast & Secure?

The Google Chrome app is the mobile extension of the popular Chrome browser. Dedicated Chrome users can have all of their personalized browser settings available on their mobile devices simply by downloading and logging into the app.

One of the many benefits of using the Google Chrome browser is that users have the option of saving passwords and other pertinent information to auto-fill. Because Google Chrome is synced across devices, bookmarks, search history and other personal settings, such as passwords, are saved and easily accessible on the go and between devices, whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Also available with the Google Chrome app is voice search, which offers a hands-free, voice directed search option, for those who are keyboard challenged. Google Translate is also available when browsing with the Google Chrome app, allowing users to translate web pages into their own language (should they stumble upon a foreign site).


This app is rated in iTunes for users ages 17 and older and in Google Play as 'E' for Everyone. The Google Chrome app is available for iOS and Android devices and is free to download from iTunes and Google Play.

Is Google Chrome: Fast & Secure safe for my kids?

The Google Chrome app is free to download, is rated for 'E' for Everyone in Google Play and does not feature in-app advertisements or purchases. It is only safe for kids with parental supervision. However, this app is also rated for users ages 17 and older in iTunes, so parents should be aware of the disparity in these ratings.

Since this app offers unrestricted access to the internet, parents may want to install a parental control app onto their child's devices to keep filter inappropriate content and manage their screen time.

Parents should know that the Google Chrome app saves passwords and other personal information, such as mailing address and phone number, which could be compromising, should their child’s mobile device make it into the wrong hands. For many users, however, the convenience of having this information readily available, without the need to fully type out on a mobile device, is a real bonus, just remember to lock the device when not in use.

One Google Chrome feature parents should know of is the Incognito Mode. Users who opt to activate Incognito Mode are able to browse the internet without saving a browsing history, data, or a browser trail. For parents who collect devices at night, or do infrequent device checks, the Google Chrome app’s Incognito Mode can hide important browsing information.

And while having the option to keep one’s browsing history private may be worrisome to many parents, Google Chrome’s built-in Google Safe Browsing should put many minds at ease. With Google Safe Browsing, Google Chrome app users will experience the same site warnings they receive on their desktop, when Google detects an iffy site or a potentially corrupt file (prior to download). Not only can these warnings save mobile devices from being hacked, they can also protect minors from accessing risky sites.

One feature that's sure to be every parent’s friend is Data Saver. Users can opt to use the Google Chrome app’s Data Saver feature, which Google boasts can save up to 60% of data, while internet browsing. The Data Saver feature compresses images, videos, websites and text without compromising readability and quality.

Those families who use Google Chrome on their personal computers will likely find it helpful to install the app on their mobile devices. As a precaution, however, parents should ensure that their children keep their mobile devices password protected, as the Google Chrome browser app saves personal information and settings.

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