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About Cabana - Hang Out, Watch Stuff
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What is Cabana - Hang Out, Watch Stuff?

Cabana is a group video chat app, that allows users to watch YouTube videos, share photos and chat in real-time. 

Created by the makers of Tumblr, Cabana is an app geared toward the popular social media platform’s largest demographic: 13 to 18-year olds. 

Free to download and use, Cabana app users pay for the service in the form of ad consumption, with ads appearing at least once in each video they watch.

After downloading the Cabana app, users create their account with both a phone number and Yahoo! email address. They then have the ability to add friends by either username or by phone number (the app asks for access to phone contact lists to create user networks). 

Users must have phone numbers of the people they plan to video chat with and they can really only add people they know in real life.

Up to six people can hang out in a “room”, where they can chat or share YouTube videos and watch together in real time. Viewers may only participate in one room at a time, but can leave rooms and rejoin at a later time. Cabana users have the option of creating a new room for friends to hang out, or joining an existing one. 

They also have the option of setting video chat rooms to public or private; to make a room private, there is an option to “lock” the room, and then the option to invite friends by tapping “Hey!”. 

Once in a room, users may access tools to lock the room, flip their camera, mute their phone, add additional friends and search for videos to share with the group. Any member has the ability to tap “Swap Video” at the top of their screen to search for a new video for the group to watch.

Is Cabana - Hang Out, Watch Stuff safe for my kids?

Parents should know that Cabana is a real-time group video chat app, geared towards teens, from the makers of Tumblr. While the app is free, users are served ads at least one time per video they watch with friends. 

Parents will be interested to know that Cabana only works on activated phones, as it requires a phone number during signup. 

Cabana is safe for responsible teens, but content filtering from YouTube's restricted mode is unavailable when using this app, so parents may not wish their children to use the app for video screenings with friends.

Many complaints exist because the Cabana app requires users to sign in with a Yahoo! email (the app is backed by Yahoo!) and other users have been vocal about the fact that since this is a Tumblr product, they feel they should be able to use their Tumblr credentials for sign in (rather than creating a Yahoo! email account, if they don’t already have one).

All of Cabana’s accessible videos come from YouTube, but users don’t have the same functionality as they do in the app. Additionally, users don’t have a great deal of search capabilities within Cabana, as their Cabana YouTube home screen set to display trending videos; Cabana is meant to be an extension of social media where teens share and watch viral videos together in real-time.

Anytime live video is involved, children should exercise smart internet behavior and decorum. For the most part, Cabana is a harmless group video chat app, with a viral video sharing feature, that can be fun for virtually socializing with real-life friends.

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Cabana - Hang Out, Watch Stuff Parent Rating

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    Reviews: 3

  • Joe R.

    This app is totally fine. As long as they're only video chatting with people they know.

  • Reba L.

    Good idea, but I don't like how you can't filter any of the videos.

  • Sarah M.

    Fun for groups of friends to use. My kids use it a lot for group projects for school.