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What is Melon?

Melon is a video chatting and messaging app that connects strangers across the globe. Think penpal for the digital age, that’s Melon. Want to find out what it’s like to live in Lichtenstein? Melon can match users from anywhere in the world.

Definitely not for shy types, Melon begins a video chat with a stranger as soon as a user logs in. It’s important to note that the Melon app does not allow users to delete their accounts, so think before registering, as the developer will retain personal information.

To register, users must input their name, social media handles, location, gender and age. From there, users upload a profile photo, since Melon is a visual app that features galleries of users to choose to connect with. Users must purchase tokens in order to initiate a text, photo or video chat.

In the user gallery, members are arranged by photo, featuring their first and last name, social media handle, location, gender and age. 

At the bottom of each photo profile is the option to tap “Chat”, to initiate conversation, or “Report”, to flag for inappropriate content or behavior. Once a video chat is initiated, users simple tap “End” to finish the call, or “Report” inappropriate users.

Common user complaints for the Melon app are that the app drains phone batteries quickly, likely due to the video chat portion, and that the app itself takes up a lot of RAM space on user’s phones. 

While the app boasts high quality, seamless video chat streaming, some users have complained about the video and connection quality of Melon.

Perhaps the most surprising complaint is that users are unable to delete their accounts once established. The company confirms that there is no option to delete accounts at this time.

Is Melon safe for my kids?

The Melon app is rated for teens 17 years and older. Melon does not have any age verification attached, so users can potentially enter any age under their profile. Parents should be aware that their children may likely be matched with adults through Melon.

Parents should be aware that the Melon app is free to download, but features many in-app purchases, which many users say is the only way to be able to properly use the app. 

Melon users are unable to set filters, to match with users from a specific gender, reconnect a video chat with a previous match, text, or chat without purchasing tokens to access these “add-on” features.

Even though Melon boasts about its moderation tools, there is no way to moderate or report live video until after it is over. 

The very fact that Melon is an app centering on matching strangers for video chats makes this app unsafe for children

There is a lot of potential for bullying messages, threats, or sexual content being sent or live streamed, making Melon dangerous for teens as well.

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