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Arloon Anatomy is an interactive augmented reality app that helps students age 11-18 learn anatomy. The app is designed as an educational aid for middle school and high school students learning anatomy. Arloon Anatomy costs $2.99 to download from both the iTunes app store and the Google Play Store.

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What is Arloon Anatomy?

Arloon Anatomy is an educational app that uses augmented reality (AR) and enjoyable content to help students learn about the human body.


Developers created realistic representations of each organ in the body, which users can rotate and study within the app. The graphics are realistic and 3D, and users can interact to learn about specific organs or wider functions in the human body.


These organ renderings are worked into a curriculum designed to teach different organ systems, like the respiratory system, nervous system, and more. Arloon Anatomy also provides different exercises to test the student’s knowledge as they move through the units.


The app has received multiple awards and recognition, including the Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award and Learning Best Practice Award, both in 2014.


Arloon Anatomy is designed for students ages 11-18 as a supplement to schooling and a fun and interactive way to deeply explore the topic of human anatomy while developing a robust knowledge about the subject.


Teachers may use Arloon Anatomy in class, or students who are interested can download and explore alone on their own time. The app does come with a $2.99 price tag, and can be downloaded from the iTunes app store or the Google Play store for iOS or Android devices. 

Is Arloon Anatomy safe for my kids?

Arloon Anatomy is designed for students ages 11-18, and it is safe for kids of that age group. The concepts explored and the graphic representations can be too mature for younger kids.

Parents should know that Arloon Anatomy does explore male and female reproductive systems. They do so in an academic manner, but some parents might be uncomfortable with younger kids being exposed to such content.

The app is purely a content app, so there is no opportunity for cyberbullying or meeting strangers. As stated earlier, the app is safe for kids in the age group for which it was intended, and the only worry is that some of the content is too mature for younger kids, who would have a hard time understanding the material anyway.

Arloon Anatomy helps students learn not only anatomy, but aids in the development of critical thinking skills and broader scientific skills, which will be important for the rest of a student’s education and post-education career.

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