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A thrilling and fast-paced adventure game, Bacon Escape requires players to help a pig break free from prison and reunite with his animal friends in the Happyplace. It can be downloaded for free in iTunes and Google Play and offers in-app purchases. While it is rated for all ages, it is best for children aged 10 and up.

About Bacon Escape
In-App Purchases

What is Bacon Escape?

Bacon Escape is a gaming app that allows users to help a pig flee his jailors and return home to his friends through the completion of 24 different levels.


It is available for free download in iTunes and Google Play, and players can make in-app purchases of more coins, an extra life, and food. This ad also features advertisements.


Throughout the course of the game, users must help the pig avoid dangerous obstacles, while also meeting new characters that will aid in the journey back to the Happyplace.


Players can select which character they would like to play, and new character options are progressively unlocked during the game.


Once the app is downloaded, users can immediately begin playing. The game’s commands are composed of simple one-touch controls and your course can be altered by just tapping the screen.


In order to use the app for free, users must periodically watch advertisements. Once the ads are finished, you can click the “X” to return to your game.


While most users do not have a problem with this, some have complained that they are unable to exit out of the ads once they are done watching them.

Is Bacon Escape safe for my kids?

Although Bacon Escape is rated as being suitable for all ages, it contains mild violent themes that make it best for ages 10 and up.

Parents should know that this app allows for in-app purchases to be made. To prevent unwanted purchases, make sure to discuss budgets with your child, or to disable the in-app purchase setting on your device.

As the main character of the game is a pig that is being chased, young children that are particularly sensitive or emotional regarding the well-being of animals might have a hard time playing the app.

It is important to note that parents should always regulate their child’s video game usage in order to ensure that it is kept to a moderate and healthy amount. Parents should also warn older-teens about the risks posed by tech addiction.

Because users are not required to make a profile for this game, the app stores only minimal personal information and does not have access to players’ locations. Additionally, users are not able to talk to each other through the app, thus minimizing problems that can occur with chat rooms, such as cyber bullying and online predators.

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